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How Thermals Will Keep Your Kids Warm All Winter

How Thermals Will Keep Your Kids Warm All Winter

The snow is deep, and the days have grown shorter. Temperatures have dropped, and your kids want to play outside. Who doesn’t? With lots of snow comes sledding, snow angels, snowball fights, and for many kids, winter sports like ice skating and hockey. Let’s face it, without these winter joys, and the season would last even longer. It’s essential, however, to make sure you still play it safe. 

A general rule for kids is if the temperature is between 13-degrees and 31-degrees Fahrenheit, then they should come inside for a break every 20-30 minutes. While this may not always happen as kids can be a little resistant when they’re having fun, it’s best to have them were some kids’ thermal underwear just in case.

Everything starts with girls' long johns. As with all winter layering, thermals are the base layer that you use to build the other layers upon. After the thermals, another layer of clothes like pants and a top. If your children are wanting to play in the snow, avoid heavy cotton as the fabric will absorb moisture and weigh your kids down and keep them cold. For another layer on top of the regular clothes, a fleece jacket or a light zip-up jacket will work nicely.

How Thermals Keep Your Kids Warm

How thermals work is quite simple. First, they fit snug against you like a second skin. This creates a thermal barrier that keeps body heat from escaping. It also distributes this heat evenly for overall warmth and comfort. If you’re playing, they’re going to sweat.

As you know, moisture and the cold don’t mix well at all. Wearing thermals will wick away this moisture and release it through the breathable fabric keeping your kid dry. This also helps with the overall warmth. Kids’ thermal underwear doesn’t stop there. As the material is stretchable, there won’t be any bunching up and give your kid freedom of movement. This means the girls’ long johns will stay in place. Your kid won’t have to worry about heat escaping if part of their body becomes exposed to a sleeve sliding up.

How Often Can Kids Wear Thermals?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your kids wanting to wear them all winter. They’re comfortable, warm, and they can wear them to bed. If you plan on allowing your kids to wear them a few days without washing, the odor-resistance in the fabric will keep any smells down to a minimum. It’s also good to have a few pairs of thermals handy just in case.

Even though it seems kids are impervious to the cold, they do, in fact, get colder faster. Thermals will help add a layer of insulation and give you some peace in mind that they won’t come to you shivering as soon as they step out the door. Having winter gear on hand will make the winter more fun and your kids happier.

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