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Keeping Warm While Working in Healthcare

Keeping Warm While Working in Healthcare

If you work in healthcare, then you know that hospitals can be relatively cool when it comes to the temperature. Even though you're on your feet and moving frequently, scrubs aren't known for their warmth. The fabric is thin, and there aren't too many options on what you can wear underneath them. There's also the possibility that where you work won't allow any thermals to be worn. If they are allowed, then a women's scoop neck thermal set is a perfect choice.

If you wear women’s thermals under your scrubs, then it's best to make sure that you consider the colors. Depending on the color of your scrubs, you don't want the thermals to show through. If you're wearing light-colored scrubs, then a dark colored thermal set probably won't work. You still want to look professional as your patients, and other healthcare professionals will judge you on appearance. Sometimes fashion needs to be put aside. Fortunately for you, comfort and warmth don't have to be ignored in the process.

Reasons to Wear Thermals Under Your Scrubs

 Hospitals and clinics can get cold. This is especially true in northern areas and colder climates. Thermals will redistribute your body heat so you can regulate your body temperature a lot easier. This keeps you warm all day with their snug fit so cold air can get in, and warm air is locked underneath.

• You'll be running around a lot. Whether you're checking your patient's vitals or other aspects of your job, you will start to sweat. Mix that with the cooler air of the hospital, and your comfort level will plummet. Thermals are designed to be moisture-wicking. This means they'll pull sweat from your body and release, so you stay warm and comfortable. You'll stay dry as you move from one patient to another.

• The fabric will feature a 4-way stretch. As a nurse or doctor, your flexibility is essential to your job. Wearing something that limits your mobility won't help you in the profession. Thermals offer freedom of movement even if they're snug against your skin.

• Thermals are also odor-resistant. Even though you'll sweat, you won't have to worry about odor-causing bacteria to stick to your skin. They're also not bulky. Due to their snug fit, they won't ride or bunch up on you. This is especially important for your comfort and professional look. There are also no tags or chafing, and the fleece-lining feels excellent against your skin.

Whether you are wearing a women's scoop neck thermal set or your typical women’s thermals, you can count on staying warm, dry, and comfortable during your shift. Your work taking care of people is vital to the world's ongoing health, and you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort and warmth by getting cold while you're saving lives. While you may not be allowed to be fashion-forward, it doesn't mean you can't be comfortable.

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