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How to Keep My Girls Warm in the Winter

How to Keep My Girls Warm in the Winter

Winter has come, and with it, the snow, ice, and extreme weather. It also brings good times like hot chocolate, sledding snowball fights, skiing, ice skating, and best of all, the holidays! As a parent, you may want your children to enjoy all the good stuff the winter has to offer. You may also want to balance that fun with safety. Even though the temperatures have dropped, doesn’t mean the fun has to. There are simple ways to keep your girls warm this winter without having to break out the bulky snowsuits.

Layering is for Everybody

Layering involves at least three thinner layers of clothes for maximum warmth, dryness, and comfort that’ll keep you and your kids from overheating. One of the advantages of winter layering is that it doesn’t involve wearing bulky clothes, and if your kid gets too warm, they can shed a layer or put it back on if you start feeling the chill.

It all starts with the most important base layer. This will always be kids' thermal underwear. Thermals for girls fit like a second skin and won’t bunch up. As the first layer, it is responsible for moisture-wicking, heat retention, and, ultimately, the start of being comfortable. Try thermals that are made of a stretchy material like polyester blended with spandex. This offered a comfortable and snug fit, not to mention it provides a 4-way stretch for full mobility.

When it comes to the thermals, choose a fabric that will work for moisture-wicking, retaining heat, and stretch. This can be wool, silk, and the most popular synthetic materials like polyester and spandex blends. Some fabrics are pricier than others, but each one is fantastic to use.

Your second layer is for fleeces, regular clothes, like flannels and jeans, or maybe a sweater. This layer helps insulate the heat from the base layer. They’ll fit perfectly over the thin, lightweight base layer and offer added protection from the cold.

The outer layer is best for a thin wind and waterproof jacket and ski pants. This helps keep water and other moisture from seeping into the different layers. Since hypothermia and frostbite are real dangers, staying dry is crucial to staying warm, comfortable, and safe. Also, make sure they wear a hat that covers the ears, gloves or mittens, and some functional snow boots with wool socks to protect the feet.

At the start, thermals for girls are an essential part of staying warm during the winter. Kid’s thermal underwear comes in different colors and is form-fitting for a proper fit. Make sure your kids take breaks from the outside to warm back up before setting this loose again. Hot chocolate and snacks are essential as well as food helps fuel your children and help keep their inner body temperature up. Keep yourself and them hydrated as your body burns through liquids faster in the winter. Most all, have fun, and don’t let the winter keep you inside.

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