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When Should I Wear Thermal Underwear?

When Should I Wear Thermal Underwear?

There are so many reasons why wearing thermal underwear or long johns for women. Unless you’re one of the few outliers, you probably dislike the cold. Depending on what you do for work, play, or where you live, you may find yourself confronted with severe weather if you like it or not. Part of dressing warm, like wearing women's thermal pants, will help you avoid sprains, strains, and even the dread seasonal cold. 

Thermal underwear, whether a full set or the long-sleeved top, is an excellent way for your body to retain its body heat when it's cold out. It’s also essential to notice that the thermals of today aren’t the same your grandparents wore. Although wool is still a popular fabric for thermals, modern technology and new carding methods of blending materials have seen a new upsurge on long johns for women that are sleek, smooth, comfortable, and come in different fabrics.

Whether you prefer natural fibers or synthetic, you’ll find a thermal that is perfect for you and your pocketbook. It still helps to know when the right time to wear them. When it’s cold is the obvious answer, but there is more to it. 

• Work – If you work in a warehouse, outdoors, or even an office building that believes in setting the air conditioner to arctic temperatures, then you should consider wearing thermals. Working in the cold will get uncomfortable fast, and the possibility of frostbite or hypothermia will go up. Thermals offer a layer of protection to keep you comfortable and dry. 

• Sports – Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, playing sports or training outside can involve battling the winter weather on top of the other team. One of the significant bonuses of wearing thermals during any sports-related activity is moisture-wicking abilities. They’ll pull the sweat from your body, so you stay dry, which is integral to being outside in the cold.

• Play – From snowball fights to walks in the park, winter offers a variety of activities that can be filled with fun and adventure. Women's thermal pants and even a thermal top will help you fight off the cold, so your time outdoors stays fun and comfortable. The cold won’t have room to creep in and ruin your day with the right set of thermals.

Thermals do more than keep your body heat in. They are also breathable to allow moisture to dissipate. This will keep you dry and help regulate your body temperature, so you don’t overheat or freeze. As the temperature drops, shopping for a few pairs of thermals will help you make the best of winter. The bonuses of wearing them may make the colder season your new favorite as the cold won’t be holding you back any longer. Wear thermals when it starts to get cold, and your tolerance for the lower temperature is no longer keeping up.

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