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Is it Better to Wear Jeans or Sweatpants in the Cold?

Is it Better to Wear Jeans or Sweatpants in the Cold?

As the cold weather hits, warmth and comfort become a bigger priority than usual. If you spend less time outdoors than you would during the summer, your wardrobe will go through a bit of a change. When it comes to all the comfort you want during the cold weather, you may ask yourself what is better, jeans or sweatpants? Both do have their advantages but keep in mind that long johns for women will always be an excellent choice when it comes to the colder temperature.


What pants are known to be soft on the skin baggy, and you can pretty much wear them in any situation. You probably won't wear them to a business meeting in a corporate setting. Still, many of them do incorporate cotton into their fabric. Cotton and sweatpants go well together, especially when it comes to wearing them indoors and being comfortable. They're not going to work very well when you're outside. Even if you wear a pair of women's long johns underneath them, there's still the risk that the cotton from the sweatpants will become wet and heavy. This negates the benefits of the thermals due to their bagginess.

However, if you wear sweatpants inside, they will keep you warm and comfortable, and the flexible waistband won't be digging into your skin. They're great for lounging and even doing light exercise while you're inside. For many people, they are also the go-to outfit when it comes time to go grocery shopping.


Jeans like sweatpants will more than likely be made of cotton. They're going to be heavier and a lot more durable when to wear and tear. Jeans also come in different ranges of quality, not to mention costs. Whereas sweatpants will always be more affordable, jeans, on the other hand, will still cost more. Some can be quite expensive, especially if you choose a more private and fashionable label.

On the plus side, jeans are made as a work garment or for a fashion statement. Jeans can be quite comfortable, but in the winter, they do not insulate very well. If you prefer jeans over sweatpants, wearing long johns for women underneath them will help keep your lower body warm. They're still light enough to wear under your jeans and won't be too bulky over them. The stretchable fabric of women's long johns will also give you freedom of movement. You won't have to worry about your jeans being too tight or keeping you from moving as freely as you'd like.

When it comes to figuring out which is better, sweatpants or jeans when it comes to the cold, it all comes down to personal preference and comfort level. Both are usually made of cotton, so you don't want to get either of them wet. Wearing thermal underwear underneath will keep you warm and comfortable no matter which of these garments you choose to wear on top of them. 

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