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What Should I do If I Feel Cold All The Time?

What Should I do If I Feel Cold All The Time?

If your space heater has become your new best friend, you may be one of those people that are cold all the time. Keep in mind that feeling cold when you go outside in winter or working in a subarctic office because of the air conditioning will be normal. Suppose you are freezing for absolutely no reason. It could be a sign that something is wrong, and you may need to schedule an appointment with a doctor to figure out what's going on.

Your Body Runs Cold

Some people feel cold all the time.  If you're like this, then there are options that you have that can help you stay warm.  Being cold intolerant isn't the end of the world, nor is it a sign of something serious. You can stay warm by layering with women's long underwear. These thermals for women will regulate your body temperature so you can tolerate the cold and stay cozy all day. 

You May Not Get Enough Sleep

If you didn't already know, the correct amount of sleep is essential when it comes to Breaking lighting the temperature of your body.  If you don't get enough, there is a chance that you will feel like ice. A lack of sleep will disturb your circadian rhythm.  This can affect your metabolism along with your hormone levels and even your body temperature.  A lack of sleep affects your internal thermostat. If it's set to the wrong time due to lack of sleep, then take a look at your sleep schedule. You may need to adjust it so you can get the correct amount of sleep.

Weight Loss

Suppose you've taken on a workout program recently or have dropped a significant amount of weight could be the cause of you being cold all the time.  As you lose body weight, you will be more sensitive to the cold due to a lack of body fat.  If you are exercising a lot,  take a good look at your diet and Nutritional Health.  You want to ensure you are getting the correct amount of calories for the exercise you were doing. Speaking with a nutritional expert will help make sure that you're getting the proper amount of nutrients needed for your body to keep your energy and metabolism going.

While there may be other health-related issues due to you being cold all the time, most of them are going to be some of the ones outlined above.  If being cold all the time is not normal for you, it is best to check with your physician to ensure no underlying causes.  While you wait for an appointment or health issues aren't the case, consider getting a few pairs of thermals for women.  The women's long underwear will help keep you warm and toasty during the colder temperatures and regulate your body temperature. 

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