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What Kind of Vitamin Deficiency Makes You Cold?

What Kind of Vitamin Deficiency Makes You Cold?

Being cold all the time sucks. For many of you, this may seem the norm. There may also be some ways to warm up without having to pile on a lot of clothes or blankets. Part of being cold may come down to your diet. It sounds weird, but your diet does have a lot to do with how your body works. This includes regulating body temperature and feeling fatigued. You'd be surprised to know that some common vitamins may be missing from your diet. It's best to see a physician find the underlying cause, but until you get your appointment, one way to warm up is by wearing some long johns for women. 

Vitamins to Look Out For

Even if you got a few pairs of women's thermals, you still want to keep up on a healthy and balanced diet. Missing one vitamin can be the cause of what's making you colder. This is especially true if being cold all the time isn't a regular occurrence.

‣ Iodine: Iodine helps your thyroid make the hormones needed to control your metabolism and body temperature. One of the symptoms of Iodine deficiency is feeling cold all the time.

‣ Iron: A lack of iron can bring on anemia, which can cause you to be cold all the time. Iron is used to make hemoglobin, so your red blood cells can carry oxygen to your body.

‣ Folate, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin C: Having low levels of these can also cause anemia. An inadequate diet can trigger this deficiency.

There could be other reasons you're cold. You could be one of those people who are always cold and do not have any underlying issues. Even so, it's best to talk to your physician. They will be able to give you any tests you need or tell you to bundle up. Your doctor will offer you advice on what is required in your diet. If you are feeling cold all the time, come down to your diet; speak with a nutritionist so they can help you get back on track and warmed up. While there are supplements on the market, it's best to consult a doctor's advice.

How to Stay Warm 

Staying warm is essential if you're cold all the time. Here is a helpful tip to help you stay warm and make the best of the temperature without going overboard on blankets. One critical way to do this wearing women's thermals: You shouldn't ignore a solid base layer. Long johns for women aren't the same as they were decades ago. They are both fashionable and practical for staying warm. They'll help you regulate your body heat without hindering your mobility. Thermals will help keep you cozy and warm without making you overheat. They're perfect to wear to bed and also wear them under your clothes all day. There's no need to freeze, and thermals will protect you from the constant cold.

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