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Things to Remember While Walking Your Dog in the Winter

Things to Remember While Walking Your Dog in the Winter

Dogs love to go on walks. It doesn't matter if it's too warm outside or if there's snow on the ground. As the snow falls, it may seem that your dog wants to go outside more and more. Dogs love the exercise, and it's a great way to help burn off that crazy amount of energy they seem to have. Though it may be cold, you can keep you and your dog safe when you go for that stroll in the middle of winter.

1. Layers, like your dog, will be your best friend. Dressing appropriately is essential to your safety. A thermal set for women is the best start before leaving your house. Wear the right shoes, hat, gloves, and a jacket that will help keep you warm. Women’s long johns are great, but you still need to insulate with an extra layer or two of clothes.

2. Some dogs are made for and enjoy the cold weather. Whether you have a German Shepard, Malamute, or even a Huskie, going outside without some protection isn't always suitable for every dog. Having a coat or sweater on hand for your dog is essential to their safety and comfort. Also, consider your dog's age and overall health. Young and older dogs may have a more challenging time in the winter than another dog.

3. As the streets get plowed and sidewalks get shoveled, there is the possibility of hidden dangers with a snowdrift or the path you're walking on. Protects your dog's feet with some dog booties. This may take some training, and even then, there's no guarantee your dog will tolerate these. There are brands available of creams that will help protect your dog's feet from the cold.

4. No matter how well you trust your dog or how well they are trained, it's best to use a leash. A leash may be a requirement where you live. If your dog tends to pull, try a no-pull harness. These are especially helpful for you as you walk your dog on slippery surfaces.

5. With winter comes a lot of potential dangers. Stay clear from the water and stick to the area you're familiar with. Snow cover can hide other things like fallen tree limbs, sharp objects, and uneven walkways. Steer clear from driveways or areas that have a puddle of antifreeze. Even a few drops are bad. Also, any freshly de-iced roads should be avoided. Not everyone will use a pet-safe ice melt. Your county that cleans up the streets is not using it either.

One of the essential things is staying warm. Women’s long johns work great and are your best bet in layering for your time out in the cold. A thermal set for women will deliver the heat retention and moisture-wicking features you need to stay warm, dry, and comfortable as you hit the streets with your dog on a winter adventure.

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