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Wearing Thermals for Outerwear for Girls

Wearing Thermals for Outerwear for Girls

Fashion trends come and go, but thermals are forever. Out of all the styles on the market, thermals or girl's long underwear has stood the test of time. In fact, it has evolved into a functional yet stylish approach to staying warm. While most parents may use a kid's long underwear as mainly a base layer to help regulate their kid's body temperature, others find that it can be worn as outerwear.

Thermal Underwear Basics

Long johns or thermals all carry the same benefits. They keep you warm with their snug fit by keeping warm air in and cold air out. They also wick away moisture by pulling sweat from your kid's body. This also helps with comfort and warmth. Since the fabric is stretchable, your kid won't ever have to worry about any restricted movements and play with full mobility. The material is usually lightweight, so there is no bulk and can be worked alone as outerwear or under clothes as a base layer when it comes to layering.

The Style

Thermals have come a long way over the decades. While you can still find the traditional waffle-style long johns, many newer brands have switched to a Merino wool or polyester blend. These materials and their manufacturers use the latest technology to give their thermals the benefits that make them indispensable during the winter. 

While traditional girl's long underwear was mainly a few colors, you can now find them in various colors to suit your kid's personal sense of fashion. A set of kid's long underwear consists of a long-sleeve thermal top and a thermal pant. If your kid is a bit eccentric in their style, getting them different colors will help them mix and match to stand out amongst their friends and make a statement.

Outwear is Comfort

Since most wear their thermals as a base layer, long johns today can be worn as outerwear for a bold and comfortable fashion statement. Thermal bottoms range in many colors and have a tight fit. They'll work to keep your kid's legs warm while they wear them in place of tights or yoga pants.

Also, thermal tops work the same way but can take the place of a long sleeve shirt. Comfort doesn't mean sacrificing personal style. Finding the right balance when it comes to wearing thermals as outerwear is relatively easy. Even if your kids are home, spending the day in thermals will make for a relaxing day, especially if they are doing school remotely. 

Thermals are more than a functional item to pull out during the colder months. They'll keep you warm, dry, and comfortable, but they all bring a sense of sleek style for those willing to show off their comfort to the word. While the snug fit may turn a few people off, your kids can benefit from everything thermals offer.

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