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What Material is Best for Sweating During an Outdoor Workout?

What Material is Best for Sweating During an Outdoor Workout?

When it comes to starting that new outdoor workout program, nothing beats the fresh like the right workout clothes. Whether you’re working out or what season, you want the proper fabric that will keep you warm and as dry as possible. This is especially true for a cool summer run or a winter jog. 

An excellent workout can go bad quickly if you find yourself pulling wet clammy clothes from your body. It’s also rough trying to get into a pair of women's thermal pants that no longer stretch. There’s also the smell of past workouts that can make your activity a bit sour. Though there’s a lot of activewear out on the market. Not all of it will work with a winter or fall workout. It may look great in the dressing room, but the fabric may not work well after you’ve finished your HIIT training. 

What’s the Best Material for Outdoor Fitness?

Working out is going to cause you to sweat. Because of this, you want your active fabric to help with two things: breathability and moisture-wicking. The fit and overall feel of the material is essential. How it will be effective when your sweat in the cold air significantly affects your fitness gear choice.

Moisture-wicking is commonly found in long johns for women. While most people consider thermals for other activities, they are widely used in sports. Many athletes use them for their wicking abilities, especially in the colder months. With fabric, if it resists absorption, then it will be considered a good material for your workout gear.

Breathable is also essential as your sweat has to go somewhere. A good fabric will allow the sweat to move through it and escape into the air. This helps you stay dry and warm without overheating. The tight fits of long johns for women allow the fabric to keep all that warm air generated from your body to stay where it needs to and not escape.

One of the best fabrics to combat sweating while you workout is polyester. When it comes to fitness and even women’s thermal pants, polyester is a powerhouse of a material. It's highly durable, which makes it a perfect addition to your workout. It is also moisture-wicking, lightweight, and breathable. It will keep you relatively dry while you work out. Many polyester thermals come with odor-resistant technology to combat bacterial growth that will cause unwanted smells from accumulating. After all, you don’t want to smell like a wet hamper. Thermals are an excellent addition to your outdoor workout session, no matter the season. Choose a polyester or polyester/spandex blend for ultimate comfort and moisture-wicking capabilities. That way you can power through your workout and not be left a soggy mess halfway through. Even though you’ll build up a sweat, you won’t have to drown in it.

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