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Thermals as Part of Your Kid’s Winter Kit

Thermals as Part of Your Kid’s Winter Kit

Kids seem to be impervious to the cold at times. Many will gladly shed a layer or go for fun in the snow. Whether they’re sled riding down a hill, building a snow fort, or accompanying you on a trip, making sure you have a winter kit. This can help keep them safe and warm as the temperature drops.

Must-Haves for Any Winter Kit

Thermal wear or girl’s long johns are the golden tickets in winter gear. As a base layer, they have proven their mettle in keeping people warm. Due to the latest technology, they have come a long way since the waffle-knit long johns off yester-year. There are many things you should put together in a small bag as a handy winter kit.

Kid’s Long Johns

Many brands sell these as a set, which makes it easier to buy them. They are usually worn under your kid’s typical clothing as a base layer. With their snug fit and comfortable material, they’ll lock in body heat. They make it easier for your kid to regulate their body temperature so they aren’t overheating due to an abundance of bulky layers. They’ll also wick away moisture to keep them dry, which is essential in winter weather.

Food and Water

Thermals are great, but some healthy snacks and liquids to keep your kid’s energy levels will help keep them going. It’ll also help in the regulation of body temperature. If you’re traveling or spending a fair amount of time sled riding, your kid will get hungry, some good snacks will help. Don’t forget a hot drink to wash it all down.

Extra Clothing and Accessories

Add in some extra shirts and pants to the kits. Playing outside, especially in the snow, can get them wet. Keeping them dry with fresh clothes will help prevent cold-related issues like frostbite or hypothermia. An extra neck gaiter, hat, wool socks, and mittens will also be beneficial. Your kids won’t say no to a fleece blanket when they take a break to eat. Also, hand warmers will be much appreciated. An extra pair of girl’s long johns are also helpful. If one base layer is excellent, then pack a second one in case your child gets wet. 

While your family winter kit will have other items included, building a separate one for your kid will help them make the right choices when it comes to winter fun. Allow them to pack the kit with you, so they know what’s going inside it. This can make everyone a fun experience, especially if they can choose their backup kid’s long johns to wear.

Fun in the winter is a must but making sure your kid’s winter kit is stocked correctly can make this fun, safer, and a lot more enjoyable as you’ll be prepared if something happens. Make sure you bring yours with you, especially if you need a band-aid, or your kid wants your snacks instead.

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