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How Can I Stop Being So Cold All the Time?

How Can I Stop Being So Cold All the Time?

No matter the season of the year, if you're one of those people who are cold all the time, staying warm is essential for your comfort. After all, you can cover yourself with so many blankets during the summer. While a set of women's thermal underwear can help alleviate the coldness that never seems to go away, it helps find what's causing it.

People everywhere feel temperature differently. We all know someone at work that wears shorts all year, including during a blizzard. You may feel cold daily and not understand why you have such a terrible temperature perception, unlike them. If you need help warding off the cold, put on a pair of thermal underwear for women under your clothes. They'll keep you warm and comfortable until you find out what is causing you to be cold all the time.

Possibly Underlying Issues that are Making You Cold

Numerous problems may cause you to shiver all the time. While some are noted below, it's best to consult with your physician if something is wrong. There are some fixes to stay warm until a doctor's visit can happen. Some are relatively easy, and some do require medical advice from your doctor. 


This can lead to cold intolerance. Your thyroid helps regulate your metabolism and body temperature. If it isn't producing enough hormones, you may start to feel cold. Check with your healthcare provider to see if this is the case.


Drinking the right amount of water will boost your metabolism. It helps create energy and, most of all, precious body heat. Drinking enough water could help keep you warm. If you find too much water boring, add something to it like lemon, basil, or even cucumber. 

Lack of Sleep

A good night's rest is essential to you in regulating your body temperature. Does your sleeping schedule give you enough time to sleep? Also, dress appropriately for bedtime. Women's thermal underwear is the perfect pajama and will help you sleep to recharge those batteries.

Too Skinny

Why most people never consider this, you may be underweight. Body fat helps insulate you from the cold. Make sure you're eating a healthy and balanced diet. 

Other Reasons You May Be Cold


Raynaud's Phenomenon

Poor Blood Circulation

While you're waiting for a doctor's visit to rule out anything medical, wearing layered clothes will help keep you warm. Start with thermal underwear for women to help regulate and keep the body heat in. Drink some extra warm beverages like tea or hot chocolate. Avoid going outside in the cold unless you have to. Also, keep in mind that women feel the cold more than men. According to science, turning up the heat to around 77 degrees Fahrenheit may alleviate your cold issues. On the other hand, you may raise that energy bill. Keep some extra thermals at hand to help keep you cozy until that doctor's appointment.

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