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Layering Your Daughter if She’s Cold All the Time

Layering Your Daughter if She’s Cold All the Time

Have you ever sat down or gone to bed to only be woken up by your kid saying they’re cold? Have you ever checked on them to find that their blankets have been kicked off and they’re cold? Does your son or daughter complain about the cold during the day even though the heater is on? If you answer yes to either of these questions, you may have a cold kid on your hands. If so, then investing in some kids’ thermal underwear will help keep your children warm.

While girl’s thermal underwear is an excellent way to combat your child’s coldness, there are some things to consider about cold children.

• Most kids can’t regulate their body temperature very well. They can get hot super-fast or freeze just as quickly. This can put them in an uncomfortable spot of overheating or getting too cold.

• Kids are active even when they sleep. They’ll kick off blankets and may not realize it’s time to pull them back on. This is usually for younger children. Either way, your kid is exposed to a colder temperature.

It’s quite common for your kid to wake up earlier in the morning due to a drop in temperature. Keeping your kid warm is essential for both of you to get a good night’s rest during the colder season.

• Layers will help make your kid warm during the day and night. Layering works for clothing and the bedroom. It all starts with your kid wearing thermals (even as pajamas) and providing some thinner blanket for added warmth. Kids’ thermal underwear makes a great base layer. The next layer should be a little heavier for added warmth retention. The third layer should be a fabric that’ll repel the dropping temperature.

• Choosing the right material will make layering easier and more comfortable. Cotton is popular and relaxing until you get it wet as it can absorb a lot of sweat, which can make things uncomfortable for your kid. It’s best to avoid this fabric. Merino wool is excellent but comes with a high price tag. Polyester blends are more cost-effective and work great. Also, fleece blankets help retain heat and are relatively breathable, which will help with overheating issues.

• Check on your kid before you go to bed or throughout the day to make sure they’re comfortable. This will help you adjust the layers, so they stay comfortable as the temperature drops. If their skin is warm and dry to the touch, you’re good to go. If they are too warm to your touch, you may need to remove an article of clothing or a blanket if they’re sleeping.

Girl’s thermal underwear is an excellent start to layering. This process will help keep your kid warm day and night instead of them being cold all the time. Fighting the chill can be a process, but once you find that perfect comfort level, the winter chill won’t matter that much.

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