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It's Spring, But It Can Still Be Cold

It's Spring, But It Can Still Be Cold

Early Spring is an exciting time of the year. Cold weather is unofficially over, and many are looking forward to days getting warmer and longer. Unfortunately, the beginning brings what's affectionately called Second Winter. Though the grass is becoming greener and trees are budding, early Spring can get the occasional snow and cooler temps. Staying warm is still a priority so don't put your women’s long underwear away just yet.

Why is Early Spring so Cold?

As much as you and the rest of us want a complete shift from cold to warm over the Spring Equinox, it still takes some time for weather patterns to change. This past March has brought us late-winter blizzards and the second-coldest March in the past twenty years. This is a great time to put on those ladies thermals until those temperatures start climbing. However, what is causing this frigid Spring?

To put it simply, there's this annoying warm mass that is hovering over the North Atlantic and Greenland. It has blocked what would generally be a typical airflow from south to north and west to east. The jet stream, which is this airflow, brings the warmer air from the south as we begin to heat up in the Northern Hemisphere.

However, this current mass of air holding back our normal heat is repelling standard incoming weather systems. It's redirecting the cold back down to us. Though this may seem unpleasant and apocalyptic, it's not unheard of as there have been much colder Marches in the past.  Even so, it's essential to stay warm while these types of systems pass as they can happen again in the future. Ladies thermal underwear will help ease those few weeks of winter's lingering cold touch during Spring.

Don't Pack Those Thermals Away so Fast

While it's safe to start breaking out the shorts and tank tops, your ladies thermals are still going to be needed for the occasional downturn in weather. Whether you wear the thermal top or leggings for comfort, and the second layer is helpful in the early mornings. It can be shed as the temp rises throughout the day. So, don't pack your thermals away too soon. If the weather decides to get cold again, you find yourself racing to the closet to break out a pair of women’s long underwear to ward off the chill for a day or two.

As much as we all love the warmer weather and activities that come with Spring, this one and possibly future ones may have lower temperatures and snow that linger for a few weeks into the season. Your thermals will prove to be your best friend and protectors against this cold. They'll keep you cozy and warm without overheating, and they can be shed as the days warm up. Plus, they are helpful in a workplace that feels the AC is best to set on the Arctic setting.

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