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Will Thermal Underwear Keep Me from Getting Cold All the Time?

Will Thermal Underwear Keep Me from Getting Cold All the Time?

When it comes to being cold, the only thing that's going to stand between you and all that chilly weather will be thermal underwear. If you live in certain parts of the country, you know that a base layer will be needed as soon as the temperature drops. If you're one of those who happen to be cold all the time, women's thermal underwear will help you stay warm throughout the day.

First of all, everyone's body is different and reacts separately from the lower temperatures. This is why it's typically called cold intolerance. While there are men who do happen to feel cold, it's more likely that a woman will have this issue. The reason behind this is because women do not generate as much energy as men. This gives them a naturally lower intolerance to the cold.

If you feel cold all the time, you could have underlying conditions that may cause the feeling. It could also be that you don't like the cold. Women's thermal underwear will help you stay warm all day, including overnight.

Here are some ways that thermal underwear will keep you from getting cold all the time:

1. Moisture-wicking: Thermal underwear is going to be moisture-wicking. This means as you sweat, the breathable fabric will pull the moisture away from your body and release it. As the Thermals keep you dry, they'll help you regulate your body temperature more as moisture will help lower your body temperature.

2. Regulate your body temperature: as the temperature drops, it can sometimes be more challenging to regulate your body temperature. Some Fabrics work better than others, but fleece-lined thermals will help regulate your temperature. With the snug fit, warm air is prevented from escaping, and cold air is prevented from seeping in. This makes the distribution of your body heat a lot easier. Therefore you'll stay warm longer.

3. A base layer you can count on: thermals are the best base layer ever invented. Because of their snug fit, they fit perfectly underneath your regular clothes. Since they're also made of a stretchable material, you will not have to worry about any bunching or bulk up as you wear them. This also gives you more freedom of movement, so nothing you do will be hindered because of them.

Suppose you do happen to find yourself being cold all the time and just unable to warm up. In that case, thermal underwear will help you regulate your body temperature more. If being cold all the time is something new you are experiencing it’s best to check with your physician to see if there's an underlying issue. As with anything cold-related, eating right and drinking the right amount of fluids will help your body increase energy, which increases your body temperature. Buying yourself a few pairs of thermal underwear is always a good thing. 

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