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Keeping Yourself and Your Kids Warm with Thermals

Keeping Yourself and Your Kids Warm with Thermals

Dressing correctly for the cold can keep you and your kids warm and dry. At some point, your kids will want to play outside in the snow. Sled riding, snowball fights, or making snow angels is a popular pastime, and it’s hard to find a child who doesn’t like doing these on some level.

Being aware and staying on top of the forecast will help you decide if you need to wear some women’s thermals for yourself. If so, the chances of your kids needing thermals are just as good. While many women buy thermals for themselves, it’s essential to buy for your children as well. If you’re cold, they’re cold. 

Before heading outdoors with your kids, whether to play, school, or even for a short trip to the store, be aware of some critical points.

• Check the weather forecast. This will determine how warmly you need to dress and how much is required for your children. When weather is below freezing or just above, getting wet from snow or freezing rain can increase substantially. Air holds moisture at the freezing point. Check the weather for any upcoming precipitation and humidity. Also, be aware of sudden changes as the weather can be fickle at times.

• Layer for warmth and comfort. If you or your kids get too hot, a layer can be removed or put back on if things get cold again. Start with a base layer of snug-fitting thermals as they help remove sweat from the body and keep you dry. These should cover almost your whole body. A middle layer is for insulation. Wool or fleece is perfect for this and is several thin layers in case some need to be removed. Outer layers or for protection against wind and water. For kids, bib-type snow pants will work great for those who decide to roll in the snow is a must.

• Activity level. If you’re going to go outside or if your kids are playing outside, adjust their layers on what their activity level is going be. Are they going to be active at all times like playing or snowballs fights, or just building a snowman? Will they or you be standing or sitting? These can help you adapt your clothing to the proper activity level.

Don’t forget your hands, feet, and head. Proper socks and gloves should fit well but not too tight as to restrict blood flow and make your hands and feet colder. A hat and scarf are a must, and sunglasses will protect your eyes from the glare reflecting off the snow. Lip balm and even sunscreen should be worn as added protection. Winter is more enjoyable for everyone when you’re appropriately dressed. Women’s thermals for you and a set for your kids will make any outdoor activities safer and warmer. The only thing worse than bad weather is bad clothing choices. Its best to stay warm and dry so having thermals for women and children that wick away sweat will keep you and them from getting too cold and losing body heat to fast.

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