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What to Wear at Outdoor Events for Women

What to Wear at Outdoor Events for Women

Most towns have outstanding outdoor events during the winter months. Some of them are concerts, ice skating, holiday festivals, and more. For many, these events are a fantastic time to spend with friends or family, but the cold can put somewhat of a damper on the festivities. Dressing appropriately is easily done, and it starts with a good base layer of women’s thermals.

The Base Layer and other Basics

Women’s Thermals: First of all, layering is an essential part of staying warm and comfortable. Many people forget about their legs, which are just as important as the rest of your body. Thermal leggings for women are a lifesaver to wear under your pants for added protection. They wick away sweat like all thermals and distribute body heat evenly. Best of all, they don’t add bulk, and you can never have enough!

Hand Warmers: Gloves are an excellent accessory for keeping your hands warm, but if you plan on being outside for longer than an hour, hand warmers will help keep your hands warm and toasty.

Socks: Frozen feet and toes can ruin a day or evening. Don’t be afraid to put on some wool socks. These will wick away sweat and keep your feet from getting frostbite. Wear the thickest you can but make sure you’re still able to fit in your boots. 

The Middle Layer

The middle layer will help you hang on to as much body heat as possible. Depending on your tolerance to the cold, the middle layer can be second and third as well. If you get too toasty, you can always discard one as needed. Usually the middle layer is a fleece jacket or hoodie, flannel shirt, and jeans. Sometimes your regular clothing will work with fleece. 

The middle layer is also the insulating layer and is used to retain the warmth your thermals provide. The material should consist of fleece or a down jacket. Down has its advantages, but it is worthless if you get it wet, so check the weather to make sure it won’t snow because it’ll melt and make your down jacket wet. 

The Outer Layer

While the base layer of women’s thermals will help keep heat distributed over your body and wick sweat away, the outer layer will prevent moisture from getting in. Even in the cold weather it can rain or snow. An outer layer can be a windbreaker or something water-resistant to hold the wetness at bay. 

Women’s thermals are a great way to help keep warm at outdoor events. Don’t forget when layering, that your legs are just as important. Thermal leggings for women will provide some much need comfort and flexibility without being bulky. They’ll distribute your body heat so you can enjoy your winter event a lot more. Layering is your friend and ally when it comes to the elements. The last thing you want to remember about an event is how cold you were.

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