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Long Johns for Women Have Made a Comeback, and They’re in Style!

Long Johns for Women Have Made a Comeback, and They’re in Style!

When you hear the word long johns, what do you think of? Do you think of those frumpy, oversized, waffle knit flannel pieces that were around in the 80s or, the one’s mom used to make you wear under your clothes that were itchy and overly hot? Would you believe me if I told you they have made a comeback and they are actually worn in public? Bundling up is the worst and often so uncomfortable. Your winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be the nemesis of style in order to keep you warm. What used to be known as a layering piece to only keep you warm among snowstorms and frigid weather, are now everyday adornments that people are flocking to.

The trend that has hit the market are warm and trendy long johns that will accommodate many different climates and also give you comfort. Yes, the same thermal underwear you were forced to wear under your clothes are now back and being worn as actual clothing pieces. 

What you don’t want to wear is cotton to keep you warm. Cotton is very bad for underwear because it absorbs moisture. When it is wet, it acts like cool compress, draining the heat from your body. So while there are many adorable and stylish full cotton long john options – stay away! Long johns help your body maintain its temperature regardless of where you are, your activity, or the temperature outside. The fabric they are made of is important to make sure the heat is not being released, among many other positive attributes. There are brands available now that can even help protect your skin against UV light. The best part about the newest long johns on the market is that they are fashionable! 

Women’s come in different design, styles, colors, and ways to wear them. They are worn both as bottom layers and top layers, as a full piece or separate pieces, and often worn under short sleeve shirts so that they are actually seen! 

Let’s take Thermajane’s women’s long john underwear as an example. They are great for casual or dressy wear and are available to purchase as tops, bottoms, or a set. The women’s long johns are offered in 8 colors so it’s easy to match with any outfit, any event for any temperature. You can trust that you’ll be in style wearing them. In fact, most thermal underwear come in such styles that most of the time you won’t even know that they are in fact thermal underwear! 

Long johns have even been popping up in designer labels and actors like Jude Law sported a pair of long johns at a London airport years ago. David Beckham has pledged to put the sexy back into long johns but getting into designing as well. Pictures of celebrities are popping up all over the internet and social media sites wearing thermal underwear and most of the time, you don’t even realize it! 

So whether it’s for a cross country ski trip, a workout, or a night out on the town, grab yourself a set or two and see what all the hype is about. You will love the ease of the fact they match and go with just about any piece of clothing or outerwear. It’s soon going to be a must have in everyone’s closet. 

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