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Long Johns vs Tights

Long Johns vs Tights

Construction workers working outside are challenged by the cold weather. Your workers are at risk for hypothermia and shivering. Some methods are not as safe as others and may not do the trick for dealing with cold weather. Adding layers, such as vests and jackets to workers' clothing can result in bulkiness and difficulty moving. 

Having workers with limited mobility is not a good thing since it can slow down their work. You don't want your workers' operation to suffer from poor body coordination and reduced blood circulation caused by improper cold weather attire. At, you can purchase long johns from Thermajane for your construction workers to ensure their safety and health.

Wearing Long Johns Is Not the Same as Wearing Other Clothing

Clothing for outdoor workers should have specific properties for them to be comfortable, breathable, stretchy, moisture-wicking, rapid drying, and easy to move. It is possible to choose thermals made of cotton or wool, but they may feel heavy when working. Thermals made from polyester and spandex perform well in cold weather and allow good stretch and breathing. Ultrasoft and lightweight, this material provides a high level of comfort.

Wearing Long Johns Clothing Keeps You Warm

Ideally, thermal clothing will keep the body warm so that a construction worker won't shiver from cold. Heat must be trapped and regulated to not feel too hot or too cold regardless of how much heat or cold is released by the body. To create thermal garments that can balance trapping and releasing heat, outstanding craftsmanship is required. When you engage in strenuous activities during the winter, such as construction and plumbing, your body will sweat even though it is cold outside. By creating heat, you can protect your body and keep it functioning correctly.

Comfortable Thermal Wear Is Essential 

The comfort of thermal underwear sets is essential. To ensure comfort, many factors must be taken into account. How comfortable your thermal wear is determined by various factors, including how well the seams are constructed, how well the fabrics dry, and how soft they are.

Select thermal underwear that is made of ultra-soft fabric, such as polyester and spandex. In addition, find thermal wear that is adequately constructed with seams. Suppose you experience rashes and irritation or itching in a thermal garment. In that case, it will depend on the type of seam that was used. It is more comfortable to sew flat seams. Your workers should have a comfortable range of motion when wearing clothing that stretches easily while fitting snugly on their bodies.

Suppose you are looking for thermal wear for construction at Amazon. In that case, you might want to consider the Thermajane brand as it combines all the features you need for warm, breathable, comfortable, and snugly-fitting thermal wear.

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