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Long Underwear or Base Layer

Long Underwear or Base Layer

The answer is both when it comes to wearing long underwear or a base layer on your European trip. Since these garments are the same thing, you can't go wrong. However, you may want to check the tips below to learn how to pack for your trip!

Discover the beauty of Scandinavian countries and be awed by Scandinavian culture through a trip to Northern Europe. You can almost call it an art form to plan your northern Europe trip. You'll often find yourself shivering if you don't wear appropriate clothing during winter here - it's freezing here. As you do not want snow or low temperatures to ruin your trip experience, ensure you bring with you thermal clothing like long underwear. As a result of hotels without elevators, flight luggage restrictions, and effortlessly stylish locals, you need to pack light while keeping in mind to bring thermal wear.

What to Wear and How to Pack

Planning a trip to northern Europe is essential, whether you're visiting Helsinki, Finland, or Galway, Ireland. These days, flying to a destination isn't the same as it used to be. The amount of luggage you can bring will be limited. In other words, you want to pack everything you need for your trip in one bag, but still make sure that you have all the essentials. As cold sets in, you'll want to dress stylishly and stay warm. How about bringing long underwear with you?

Winter Packing List for Essential Items 

Whatever you pack for your carry-on bags won't very much change depending on where you are traveling or when you are traveling. It is still a good idea to pack underwear whether it is winter or summer.

Add-Ons That Should Be Included 

When it's freezing outside, you're best off wearing invisible thermal clothing under jeans and boots. Under your jeans, you can wear long underwear to stay warm. You may want to bring thermal leggings or long underwear as well to make your winter trip as comfortable as possible. Thermal apparel from Thermajane will keep you warm. The material of Thermajane's thermals is light, making them easy to pack. The luggage won't be too heavy or bulky. When it's cold outside, thermal underwear sets from Thermajane can act as pajamas, especially if your house doesn't have a heating system. A skirt could be worn with leggings underneath.

Replace Heavy Clothing With Light Ones 

However, sweaters tend to take up more room in your bag than other tops, although they are cozy and chic. You might want to swap out two sweaters or hoodies for four or three tops. If you like wearing bulky sweaters with jeans or leggings while traveling, try wearing tops instead. The rest of the tops can be thermal tops and one sweater. Sweaters are worn over thermal tops.  

Black Is In, so Let’s Keep It 

It's never out of style to wear black clothes. Matching them is easy, and they look great. Wear them twice before washing them, since they don't look dirty quickly. Make sure to pack a pair of black pants that you can pair with a tee to put together that casual look. They look wonderful paired with a sweater for a dinner outing.

Make Sure You Wear Boots Instead of Shoes - And Remember Winter Socks as Well 

During northern European winters, your feet need to stay cozy. At the airport, slip-on boots are convenient as they can be easily removed and put on. You can wear them almost anywhere, and they match most clothes. In addition to being comfortable to walk for hours in slip-on boots, they keep your feet dry and warm instead of flats or sneakers. For warmth on your feet, bring some warm, lightweight socks.

With these fashion tips for winter, you can enjoy a comfortable and stylish trip to Northern Europe. Thermajane's thermals are lightweight and designed to provide comfort, so make sure you watch the weight of your luggage.

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