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Preparing for Alaskan Spring

Preparing for Alaskan Spring

A running joke in America's largest state is to name all four seasons. This answer is a hilarious Winter, June, July, and August. While the joke has never gotten old for most, it appears that the weather does differ depending on the region. Many will say that September and May are excellent as well. Even so, it seems long underwear is a regular staple for many people in this state.

Even Summer temperatures can range from fifty-five degrees to seventy degrees which is downright cold for some people. This means thermals for women are daily wear for many people; even with long hours of daylight in the spring, it's still important to know how to prepare for an Alaskan Spring. Layers are ultimately the way to go. It all depends on where you live, but layering is almost a regular thing.

Locations and Temperatures

• Alaskan Southcentral: This area is usually part of tours and features cities like Anchorage, Denali National Park, Seward, and Fairbanks. Spring can see temps as high as sixty-two degrees and as low as thirty-nine degrees.

• The Inside Passage: If you've booked an Alaskan Cruise or a Ferry Vacation, you'll visit Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka. Prepare yourself for temps as low as thirty-eight and dirty as high as sixty degrees in the spring.

• The Far North/Arctic: Believe it or not, people live in this area. This area is only accessible by plane and includes the Gates of the Arctic National Park, Nome, and Barrow. Spring is more like an extended winter with temps as low as fourteen degrees and highs as thirty-eight degrees. 

• Southwest: If you love bears or want to see the Katmai National Park or visit the Aleutian and Kodiak Islands, this region is definitely for you. However, springs are cold, with lows of thirty-seven and highs of fifty-six make thermals for women a necessity, so you don't get too cold. 

Things to Do in Alaska During the Spring

While parts of Alaskan get more daylight than the rest of America after March 20th, the actual midnight sun is only a few months away. This means the Northern Lights. However, these are still viewable through April. Long underwear will keep you warm for the Slush Cup, Gray Whale Watch Tours, Glacier Cruises, Moose and Bear watches, and Flightseeing trips. They're also cultural stops, the Alaskan Native Games, and other exciting things to see and do.

An Alaskan visit in spring takes some preparation. Still, most of it involves making sure you pack enough thermals to keep warm and cozy as you adventure through this wild and savage landscape of beauty. From rolling mountains to the cold seas, the state carries a warmth that can only be felt in your soul. Wearing thermals, the right jacket, hats and gloves, and other accessories will help you enjoy the scenery and festivities more instead of building memories of freezing where you stand.

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