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Should You Layer Your Kids in the Spring?

Should You Layer Your Kids in the Spring?

Early spring has some unpredictable weather patterns. Winter still lingers even if technically over, and though trees are budding, the occasional snowfall can happen. Whether you and your kids are out shopping or walking in the park for some quality family time, girls' thermals and layering are an essential part to beat back the crazy weather. Kids’ thermals will keep your kids warm and happy and not paying too much attention to the cold but on the robins and flowers that are blooming.

Layering in the Early Spring

With abnormal weather patterns bringing spring snow and winter's lingering touch, base layers make a big difference in whether or not your kids are warm and comfortable during this time. Layering is a well-recognized concept in staying warm when the weather is too cold for regular clothes. Each layer you put on your kid will trap the warm air and insulate them more. This is better than one single layer. One of the bonuses of layering is that if your kids get too hot, they can shed a layer. 

When it comes to layering, it's essential to have a base layer of girls' thermals. They'll fit tighter to your kid's body and keep their body heat from escaping. Kids' thermals will also prevent cold air from getting inside. These thermals will insulate more effectively, especially with more layers on top of them. 

However, you want a good fabric that will absorb the moisture from their body and release it through the breathable fabric. Wool or a polyester/spandex blend will work perfectly. Silk is also good but isn't easy on the pocketbook. Cotton is cheaper but is the worst material for thermals. This fabric will absorb and hold in the sweat and moisture making your kid uncomfortable and cold, not to mention that clammy feeling. It also opens them up for cold-related problems like frostbite or hypothermia. 

The Tight Fit is Essential

The snug fit not only helps keep in the heat but it improves how the moisture-wicking works. With thermals, it's all about performance, and you want to maximize what they do to gain the most benefits from them. They also help maintain your kid's body temperature. While thermals fit snug, they are also made of a stretchable fabric giving a four-way stretch. This means the garment moves with your kid for full-body movement without any hindrance to what they do. To make them even more comfortable, their tagless design will keep your girls from complaining about the itchiness that comes with an annoying tag.

While spring brings back birds, budding trees, and flowers, it can also start cold and with bad weather. Longer days are fantastic, but staying warm while you enjoy the spring sun is essential for everyone. Thermals are the best way to keep warm and comfortable without sacrificing movement or style.

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