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Seasonal Guide to Working Outdoors in the US

Seasonal Guide to Working Outdoors in the US

Few stories with a lot of excitement happen indoors compared to the outdoors. Experiencing the raw strength of nature can usually lead to fantastic activities and even taking a break from technology and the rest of the population. Every year, science reveals more and more emotional, mental, and physical benefits of working outdoors. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, finding a job that involves working outside may be right up your alley.

If you do find that perfect outdoor winter job, preparing for your daily work will help make your job less work and more like an adventure. Part of working outdoors is cold stress. Being able to gauge your exposure and tolerance to the cold weather can help you stay safe while doing your work. Layering in thermal wear for women will help you stay warm, but there are some additional steps you can take to improve your comfort and warmth. 

1. Nutrition is key. This includes drinking enough water as you will dehydrate faster in colder weather. This can involve dizziness, headaches, and even fatigue. Eat enough food throughout the day (healthy fats and carbohydrates) for extra energy and to help you stay alert.

2. Stay dry as much as possible. Dressing in layers starts with women’s thermal underwear and will help you adjust to changes in the temperature. Thermals will provide much-needed heat retention and will wick away moisture as you sweat during your workday. Proper footwear, gloves, and socks are crucial to your warmth. A waterproof outer shell will keep water out, not too mention keeping your middle and base layer dry. If any layer does get wet, remove it immediately. Find proper headwear that keeps your ears and head warm.

3. Stay rested and take breaks. Sleep is essential to stay alert, so you can recognize any signs that you’re in danger from the cold. There is an increased risk of safety when working outdoors. Taking breaks will allow your body to warm up to avoid numbness and even the shivers.

4. If your job takes you on the road, keep a cold-weather safety kit in your trunk. This can be blankets, candles, matches, and even snacks to keep you fueled up and ready to go. Staying alert will help you be aware of any dangers and allow you to make the best choices for your safety.

As you enjoy the adventure of working outdoors, thermal wear for women will help you stay warm. As a base layer for all outdoor work, women’s thermal underwear will also help keep you dry so you won’t freeze. Work can be rewarding, but there are dangers as well, like frostbite and hypothermia. Stay alert to recognize any of the symptoms that way you can enjoy your newfound career as long as you can.

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