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Ladies, Here’s the Secret to Staying Warm all Winter

Ladies, Here’s the Secret to Staying Warm all Winter

Some of us hate the cold and some of us love the cold. I don’t think there is any in between. There is one thing that’s for certain though, when we are cold, we have to stay warm! There are so many options to staying warm, but using these tips will help you to stay warm no matter what the weather is.

 Warm Yourself. It’s a lot easier to warm yourself than to change the temperature in the room. Grab a blanket or a sweatshirt. Down blankets or weighted blankets are great for cold weather, they help you sleep better too! Be sure to keep your eye out for the fabrics that these blankets are made with (especially weighted blankets) so they are not too hot for you. Weighted blankets themselves are not statistically warm, it all has to do with their fabrics.

 Layer your Windows. In most homes, lots of cool air can seep through window panes, even if they are dual paned. Close your blinds, add drapes, or hang blankets over your windows. This will help block the cool air from coming all the way through and possibly make your room warmer. It’s also important to check for any broken seals or leaks to prevent direct air and water from coming through your window.

 Wear Thermal Underwear. Women’s Thermal Underwear are becoming all the rage right now. The thermal underwear is light enough to wear under clothes, keep you dry if you are out in the rain or snow, and are extremely comfortable – all by keeping you warm. If you haven’t looked into thermal underwear yet, what are you waiting for? A couple of noteable brands are Thermajane and ColdPruf, both very affordable and great options to choose from. These are versatile enough to be able to wear them under clothes or as their own cozy outfit. It’s been scientifically proven that wind steals your body heat through convection, but this is a great way to insulate yourself against any heat loss.

 Beware of Cotton as your First Layer. This ties into the women’s thermal underwear above, but don’t ever make cotton your first layer. The touch and feel of cotton is great and a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe, but it will not keep you warm. If you are in the cold, and start to sweat, you will be cold because cotton absorbs moisture. So be sure to start with a quality undergarment, or one of the women’s thermal underwear options listed above, which do not use cotton as their fabric of choice!

 Wear a Hat. When I say wear a hat, I don’t mean your friendly local baseball team. Wear knitted cap of sorts. The four most susceptible body parts to frostbite are ears, nose, hands, and feet. It’s easy to cover your hands (mittens/gloves), feet (socks/boots), and nose (scarf) but your ears can’t go unprotected. For that, wear your hat – unless you would enjoy having frostbitten ears.

 Protect your Toes. If you plan on going hiking in the snow or muddling through puddles of cold water, then you will want to protect your toes from the aforementioned frostbite. Wool socks are ideal but it’s also a good idea to waterproof your boots.

 Bake. No, seriously – bake yourself some cookies, a cake, or dinner. It’s an old trick, but a good one that still works. When you are finished with your oven, keep your door open when you’re done. This is an old way of heating a room without using the heater.

 Indulge in Foods that Help Keep you Warm. So once you’ve baked those warm foods, eat them. Be sure to eat healthy during the winter as much as possible because it’s important to help fend off colds and the flu, but it can also keep you warm. Columbia Health says that eating extra healthy fats during the winter can help increase your metabolism, which turns up your heat in your body. If you don’t want the extra healthy fat; soups, spicy foods, coffee, and teas can also defend against the cold. Be sure to stay away from alcohol – it’s a myth! Alcohol does not make you warmer, in fact, it decreases core temperatures and could be dangerous during the winter months.

 Stay active. If you aren’t going to bury yourself under blankets in your thermal underwear in your bed, then try to stay active. You could workout indoors with various online workouts, do yoga, or if the weather isn’t terrible, even get outside for some exercise. This helps you stay warmer and it also prevents muscle loss, muscles are a major component in creating body heat.

 Use a Humidifier. There are so many different types of humidifiers on the market, but look for ultrasonic models that allow you to choose between warm and cool air. They do cost a bit more but it’s worth it just for the heat purpose alone. Make sure to read the instructions to prevent mold or misuse, but humid air feels so much warmer than dry air. Simple, yet effective!

 Use Hand Warmers or Warm Water Bottles. You can purchase hand warmers and special warm water bottles to keep water warm. You can use these to hold in your hands when you need a quick rejuvenation, keep in your jacket pockets for when you have your hands there, or you can even add them to shoes or other clothing to keep parts of your body warm. Please be sure to read the safety instructions on these items so you do not get burned. When used correctly, they are highly effective for a quick fix.

My favorite way of staying warm during the winter is being wrapped up in a warm fleece blanket and down comforter in my bed with my thermal underwear drinking a cup of tea. By using some of the examples above, you too could stay warm and cozy through the winter months.

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