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Ice Skating: Tips to not Let the Ice Get Your Kid Cold

Ice Skating: Tips to not Let the Ice Get Your Kid Cold

Having fun on the ice can take some planning. Your daughter may have been inspired by figure skating while watching the Olympics, but hitting a skating rink isn’t going to be sequin outfits and stylish music. Besides a great pair of skates, the right attire with some other accessories can make a day on the ice pretty smooth. 

Tips to help enjoy the day on the ice

1. No matter the season, all ice skating rinks are freezing cold. While your child may want to wear shorts or dresses, especially during summer months, wearing long johns for girls under their regular clothes would probably be best as the thermals trap in the heat and wick away any sweat from the activity. These will help keep your child warm and cozy as they imagine themselves going for the gold.

2. While thermals for girls make a great base layer while on the ice, it’s still cold enough to need gloves or mittens. These are especially useful if your daughter falls on the ice. A thinner glove will work as they aren’t playing in the snow or skiing.

3. A sweatshirt or light jacket is needed over heavier jackets and clothing as your kid will be moving around a lot, which will help build up body heat. Try a light fleece jacket or sweatshirt. If the rink is freezing, dress your child in layers. Your kid can always shed a layer if she gets too hot.

4. A hat and scarf won’t hurt. Bring both in case the skating rink is really cold or if the arena is outside. If you’re outside, make sure to cover your ears as well to protect yourself from frostbite. A scarf is beneficial as it’ll protect your neck. Make sure it’s not too long or it can’t be tucked in your jacket or sweater for freedom of movement. 

5. Wearing a light jacket may not be enough for your kid. Fit them with a long-sleeved shirt over their thermals for girls for an added layer of insulation. While thick wool socks are usually the go-to for winter wear, they can prove uncomfortable wearing ice skates. Find a thinner pair to help keep your feet warm and comfortable. 

Enjoying your day at the ice skating rink, whether inside or outside, can make for a memorable experience for your child. While fitting them with long johns for girls is a great start, don’t forget the drinks, snacks, and the camera. After all, a day on the ice isn’t complete without a mother-daughter selfie. Staying warm is easy and the day with your kids will be alot more enjoyable with memories to last a lifetime. 

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