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A Girl’s Guide to Thermals

A Girl’s Guide to Thermals

Nothing delights your kid during the winter like the words “snow day.” It’s a great time to be excited as there’s no school, sledding riding, and other activities are now on the table. On top of that, the sunlight that reflects the snow can boost your girl’s vitamin D, and playing outdoors is always an excellent way to ease any ADHD symptoms. Preparing your kid for the snow and ultimate snowman building takes only a little preparation, and the time to play can commence.

Layering can be tricky. Thermals for girls will make the best base layer, but too many layers on top of them can cause your kid to overheat, and too little will have them freezing. The most significant key point is conserving heat while letting moisture to escape. Girls thermals provide heat retention properties and will wick away sweat to keep your girl warm and dry. 

This lightweight layer, either merino wool or a polyester blend, will prevent heat loss. Plus, they fit tight enough so they won’t bunch up for feel too bulky. Layering doesn’t stop there. An additional layer or two of similar fabrics like a long-sleeved top or leggings will help keep the warmth trapped between the layers. Finish off the layering with a wind and waterproof jacket.

If your child decides to stay indoors, thermals for girls are still a great way to keep warm while inside. It’s an excellent way for you to save energy costs by not cranking up the thermostat, but your kid may find relaxing on the couch reading in girls thermals the perfect pastime for the snow day. Since thermals come in many colors and even patterns, allowing your kid to pick out what appeals to them makes it easier to get them to wear what you want them to. They can wear them on their own or underneath their regular clothes for added comfort. Plus, if your child does decide to go outside, their base layer is already on. 

If going outdoors proves to be a must, besides layering, don’t forget the gloves. Hands and fingers will catch frostbite before any other body parts besides the feet. Get a pair that’s waterproof to keep water from soaking through to the skin. Don’t forget to keep the feet dry with waterproof boots and wool sock. Toasty hands and feet make a happy child. Choose bright colors for your kids, outerwear for safety. 

Choosing the right fabric for thermals for girls is easy. Find a polyester or merino wool set for natural wicking abilities. Choose a full set to keep their upper and also their lower body warm, as legs can get very cold too. Whether your kid has a snow day or it’s the weekend off from school, thermals and proper layering will make the winter more enjoyable and easier to handle. Just because the snow is falling doesn’t mean you and your kids have to stay indoors. Enjoying the winter wonderland is exciting and increases the bond between you and your children.

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