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How Scandinavians Stay Warm in Winter

How Scandinavians Stay Warm in Winter

Scandinavia, a land of long cold winters, perpetual darkness, glacial ice, heavy metal music, and ABBA. Have you wondered how so many people can live there, yet find so much happiness, especially in all that cold? They have a secret on how they not only survive but thrive in less than desirable temperatures. 

No matter what part of the Scandinavian world you are in, one thing they know how to do is stay warm. For them, it’s not just layering in womens thermal underwear with more layers on them, but a way of life that’s ingrained in their culture. No matter how many thermal sets for women you may have, immersing yourself in their philosophies will help you make it through the winter and even find it enjoyable.

Scandinavians have a word for their “lust for life” and it is called livslust. While the winters in the states aren’t as long or brutal, learning how to live as they do will help. After all, in the icy areas of the north, they are pros.

1. Det finns inget daligt vader, bara daliga klader: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” It’s hard to argue with the truth. This is usually followed up with a couple of thermal sets for women, a heavy parka, and a hat with earflaps before you lace up your boots and head into the frozen wonderland. 

2. Hygge: The best way to translate this word is “coziness.” This is more than sitting in front of a fireplace or sipping hot cocoa in a warm house, but a feeling of warmth and fuzziness. This can be a nice dinner at a restaurant, drinking spiced cider with friends, or rocking out at a concert.

3. Fredagskos: This is a Norwegian version of hygge and involves giving up the idea of hitting the clubs or nights out on a Friday night and staying home for an evening of tacos, chips, and candy, while sitting on the sofa watching TV until you fall asleep. You or your family/friends may find this quite blissful.

4. Coffee breaks: Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark take a lot of coffee breaks. Not just a few, but for any reason. Finish a TV show, grab a coffee break, just got to work, take a coffee break. It gets better as these breaks usually involve some form of baked goods like cinnamon rolls or chocolate cake.

5. The gym and sauna: After you make an eternal commitment to points three and four, time at the gym is likely a necessity. On top of that, Scandinavians spend a lot of time in the sauna. This relaxes your muscles and is a great place to linger while talking to friends. Even if you skip the gym, the sauna is a must.

While women's thermal underwear is an excellent start for layering during the cold season, staying warm in mind, body, and soul involves other things. Creating a perfect balance of proper clothing and lifestyle will be more than enough to keep you comfortable.

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