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Sled Riding and Snowmen: Staying Warm while Celebrating the Holiday Season

Sled Riding and Snowmen: Staying Warm while Celebrating the Holiday Season

The Holiday season is almost here, and that means colder temperatures and a strong possibility of snow. It also brings delicious seasonal treats, peppermint, crazy shopping experiences, and outdoor activities that’ll last a lifetime. While the season carries inevitable stress of its own, staying warm is one thing you won’t have to worry about as this article has you covered.

Whether you have kids of your own, or you and some friends want to brave the weather for some outdoor festivities, staying warm is essential, as shivering doesn’t make it any better. A women’s thermal set or thermal leggings for women are a great way to keep the cold away and make your days and evenings enjoyable.

The Base Layer

As much as we love to hear snowbells ring or smell the pleasant aroma of a hot peppermint mocha, none of these will be worthwhile if you’re freezing. That’s why a women’s thermal set will make the perfect base layer. The only thing that should be freezing belongs in the frozen food section at the supermarket. It all starts with the base layer.

1. Base layer fit: Whether you’re wearing a whole set or just thermal leggings for women, these should fit like a second skin. Your body heat needs to be trapped underneath to keep you warm. Loose-fitting thermals won’t distribute the heat and create discomfort, rather than comfort. Comfort all over is best when you’re sled riding down a hill.

2. Fabric: Like some clothing, the material is everything. Shoot for a synthetic or wool fabric for your thermals when it comes to any outdoor activity – whether it’s building a snowman, caroling, or window shopping for that perfect Christmas sweater.

3. Function and Style: Thermals should provide the following: warmth, freedom of movement, bacteria-resistance, and, most of all, moisture-wicking as you need to stay dry in cold temperatures. As for style, a women’s thermal set can come in different colors and patterns to match your fashion statement and personality. Thermals today are not the long johns of yesteryear. If you don’t want the whole set, then a pair of thermal leggings for women are a great alternative and will keep your legs warm.

4. Thermal weight: For the non-athlete in all of us, the weight of the fabric offers different degrees of protection against the cold. These can range from ultra-lightweight for cooler conditions to heavyweight or the more extreme temperatures and weather. Choosing the right one will increase your level of comfort as you enjoy the outdoors this holiday season. 

There’s no longer a need to dread the upcoming colder temperatures as dressing right will give you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors while remaining warm and comfortable. Whether you are sled riding or building a snow fort for your family’s annual snowball fight, a women’s thermal set will keep you warm. Don’t let the cold keep you from making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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