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Staying Warm While Iron Deficient

Staying Warm While Iron Deficient

Do you feel chilly all the time? Do you have those moments when you're bundled up and still can't seem to get warm? This may not be due to a lack of heat or insulation in your home. You may be one of those people who are cold all the time or maybe iron deficient. Iron deficiency is a form of anemia and is reasonably common.

One of the main signs of this deficiency is staying warm. It can be cold hands or feet, feelings of tiredness, or weakness. While a mild form of iron deficiency usually has no complications, a severe form can lead to other conditions. To add to the severity of the problem, women are more apt to become deficient than men.

Iron and Diet

Iron comes from many of the foods you eat in your diet. This can be in the form of beans, leafy vegetables, red meat, eggs, bread, and even pasta. If you don't get enough in your diet, you may develop an iron deficiency. There could also be underlying issues that are causing it as well. Either way, it's best to seek medical help so you can find out if it's a dietary issue or something else.

Staying Warm and Cozy

Since staying warm is a common symptom of iron deficiency, thermals for women will become your newest ally in your fight against the cold. Long underwear for women makes the perfect base layer as their fleece lining adds extra warmth and comfort to your body. As a base layer, they work by trapping in your body heat and distributing it evenly across your skin. To keep you from overheating, thermals will wick away moisture for added comfort and release this sweat through the breathable fabric. 

Thermals are a must-have piece of clothing for those who are always cold. Winter can prove more challenging as more frigid temperatures, mixed with your iron deficiency, can make a joyous season quite frustrating. Layering will help in the late fall, winter, and even early spring. Layering in the summer helps you work in an air-conditioned building as many places have a habit of making it too cold. Don't forget a light jacket or hoodie in these situations. Some lightweight gloves will also prove helpful.

If you feel you're iron deficient, it's best to seek professional medical advice. Your doctor will go over your symptoms and discuss your concern over your iron levels. There may be tests involved to confirm if you are deficient or not. There may be additional causes for your iron deficiency. Speaking with your doctor can help you seek the proper treatment. While wearing thermals for women is helpful, it's best to seek treatment for the underlying causes and symptoms. While you get treatment, long underwear for women will help keep you cozy and comfortable.

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