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What is the Best Material for Long Johns?

What is the Best Material for Long Johns?

Long johns are a must-have during the colder seasons. They keep you warm, fit snug, and will make you cozy and toasty all day and night. You can get your long johns as a complete set for that ultimate comfort feel or either a top or bottom, depending on your comfort level. Either way, long johns should be part of anyone's winter survival or fun kits. That being said, what fabric works best for your thermals? 

The Worst Material for Thermals

There are few excellent materials for long johns, but there is one that is particularly bad for thermals. That fabric is cotton. While it's a natural fiber and usually quite comfortable, cotton will absorb and retain moisture. This can cause the material to stick to your skin and draw heat away from you instead of keeping it in. As a result, you could suffer from your body temperature dropping too fast and dealing with hypothermia. Plus, no one wants that wet and clammy feeling over any part of their body.

The Best Materials for Your Thermals

Cotton aside, most thermals are made from synthetic materials. However, you'll find some natural fibers that will ideally keep you warm and cozy all winter.

• Polyester: If you want a great material that's cost-effective and works great at pulling sweat from your body, then look no further than polyester. Usually, this synthetic fabric is blended with other materials like spandex to offer full stretchability so you can move freely and stay warm in the process.

•  Silk: While silk is luxuriously smooth, it can also prove costly for some buyers. However, it still offers excellent heat retention and moisture-wicking properties like polyester and wool. Another downside to this fabric is that it can prove challenging to take care of.

•  Polypropylene: Another synthetic fabric that is excellent for thermals. It is also blended with other materials for a better snug fit and works to wick sweat away and keep you warm. It's also affordable and easy to take care of in the wash.

•  Merino Wool: This natural fiber is the king of thermal fabric next to polyester. It's naturally moisture-wicking and odor resistant. Due to its weave, it's no longer the scratchy fabric of yesteryear and is comfortable against your skin. However, it will cost more and will need to be dry cleaned. 

Thermal underwear or long johns are excellent for fall and winter wear. Finding the best material is easy and will help you stay cozy all winter without any bulky layering. While they fit snug, this prevents body heat from escaping and cold air from getting close to your skin. You can wear your thermals all day and night, whether inside or outside. They make fantastic loungewear and make layering for winter so much easier.

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