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Thermal Underwear - Does It Work?

Thermal Underwear - Does It Work?

Chances are that even if you love winter, you aren’t a fan of shivering in the cold. You can look forward to fun activities like ice skating, snowball fights, and skiing while at the same time dreading Jack Frost nipping at your nose! The best way to combat that winter chill is with a warm and insulating wardrobe - in other words, with thermal underwear.

Thermal underwear has been around for a very long time, and for good reason! A good pair of thermals will do wonders to keep you from feeling the cold, but you might be wondering how they accomplish that. How does thermal underwear actually work?

Body Heat Is Kept Right Where It Should Be!

If you’ve ever seen a pair of thermal underwear, you know that the fabric can appear thin and tight. It’s normal to wonder whether such a small piece of clothing can keep you warm! In actuality, thermal underwear fits snugly to the body in order to trap your body heat before it can disappear.

Thermals are made from double-layered fabric which is a much better insulator than others. Since thermals are worn under your normal clothes, the layering will provide you with warmth and help to generate even more body heat, which will be trapped by the thermals! This cycle ensures that you are always kept as warm as possible.

Of course, you may be wondering how that makes thermals any better than simply layering your clothes. The answer lies in their dual ability to collect body heat while preventing you from getting too hot.

Thermal Underwear Works By Wicking Away Moisture

When you layer your clothes in the winter, you are unable to regulate your body heat and can actually end up overheating. Overheating also causes you to sweat, which can freeze in the cold and leave you feeling chillier than ever! Luckily, thermal underwear also wicks away moisture before it can create that clammy feeling.

In short, thermal underwear works because it traps body heat while wicking away moisture. This gives you the best of both worlds and lets you approach winter without worry! Thermals are also superior to simply layering clothing because they fit snugly, getting rid of that bulky feeling that comes from layering normal clothes on top of each other. For now, don’t hesitate to go find yourself a pair of thermal underwear and see how well they work!

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