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What Size Thermal Underwear Do I Need?

What Size Thermal Underwear Do I Need?

Wouldn’t you give anything to learn the secret to effortlessly surviving the winter chill? After all, shivering in the cold is nobody’s idea of a good time! Luckily, there are tried and true essentials for getting through the coldest time of the year: hand warmers, fuzzy scarves, and of course thermal underwear!

Thermal underwear is an excellent way to stay warm when the temperatures start to drop. A good pair will easily trap body heat and wick away moisture, leaving you feeling warm and cozy. But finding the right pair for you can be tricky, not least of all because the sizes can be a bit confusing. Keep reading to find out how to find the perfect size thermal underwear for you!

Thermals Should Be Snug - But Not Tight!

An incredibly important aspect of thermal underwear is how well they fit. After all, you will ideally be wearing them frequently for a variety of activities. The perfect thermals will hide easily underneath your regular clothes. If you don’t tell somebody that you are wearing thermals, they should have no idea!

This is accomplished by the fact that thermal underwear is meant to fit you snugly, almost like a second skin. Many people may buy the wrong size of thermal underwear because they assume that snugness means it is too small; this is a good instinct, but not necessarily correct. As long as thermals do not constrict your movement or feel uncomfortable tight, they should be as snug as possible.

For Thermals, Go A Size Smaller Than Normal

The snug fit of thermal underwear is not just for ease of layering - it is also essential for insulation and trapping body heat. A loose and baggy fit will not be able to keep body heat close to you or even properly stop it from evaporating. The tighter your thermals, the better they will be at their job.

The best rule of thumb for thermal underwear is to go at least one size smaller than your normal clothing. Most everyday clothing is looser on the body, and going one size down will ensure that thermals are snug without risking them being uncomfortably tight. It is always good to try on your thermals first before buying to ensure they are the proper size.

With this advice in mind, you can go forward and find the perfect thermal underwear for you! Good luck!

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