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Thermal Underwear

Thermal Underwear

Some love the cold and there are those who hate it. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground. We can all agree that when we are cold, we must stay warm! You can use these tips for cold weather conditions to you keep warm.

• Warm yourself. Warming up yourself is much easier than changing the temperature in the room. It helps to have a blanket or sweatshirt handy. In cold weather, down blankets make excellent bed linens, as well as helping you sleep better! If you are trying out weighted blankets, be sure to note the fabrics they are made from (especially those that are heavy). It is not the weight of a blanket that makes it warm, but its fabric.

• Check your windows. In many homes, even double-paned windows can let a lot of cool air in. Cover your windows with drapes, blankets, or blinds. In addition to blocking cool air from entering your room, this will also possibly make your room warmer. Furthermore, you should check your windows for any leaks or broken seals to prevent direct water and air from coming through.

• Thermal Underwear. Currently, thermal underwear is a big trend. Besides keeping you warm, the thermal underwear is light enough for you to wear under clothing, keeps you dry even when it rains or snows, and is highly comfortable. What are you waiting for? A few notable brands, such as Thermajane, are very affordable and offer great options. You can always wear them beneath your clothes or as a cozy outfit. These are versatile enough to be worn both ways. Scientists have studied the phenomenon of convection and demonstrated how it steals heat from the body, but this is a wonderful way to protect yourself.

• Say no to cotton. You should never wear cotton as your first layer, as it ties in with the thermal underwear above. Cotton is a popular fabric in most people's wardrobes, but it isn't conducive to staying warm. Cotton absorbs moisture, so it becomes cold if you sweat in the cold. Make sure you choose thermal underwear that does not contain cotton as the fabric of choice or one of the many options above.

• Hats are essential. You don't have to support your friendly local baseball team when you wear a hat. Wear some kind of knit cap. Ears, noses, hands, and feet are the four most vulnerable parts of the body to frostbite. Covering your hands and feet (mittens/gloves), nose (scarf), and feet (socks) is easy enough, but you should protect your ears as well. If you want to avoid frostbite, you should wear a hat.

• Protect your toes. Snowshoeing or stomping through cold water puddles may result in frostbite, so protect your toes. A good idea is to waterproof your boots as well as wear wool socks.

• Stay active. Try to stay active if you're not going to sit in your bed wearing thermal underwear under blankets. There are plenty of online workout programs, yoga, or you could even go outside if the weather isn't terrible. Keeping warm and preventing muscle loss is essential, as muscles are vital to keeping warm.

• Humidifier. Humidifiers are available in so many different forms, but choose ultrasonic models that choose between warm and cool air. The cost of these heaters is a bit higher, but the heat alone is worth it. It feels a lot warmer to breathe humid air versus dry air. Read the instructions carefully to prevent mold or misuse. Easy and effective!

Being wrapped in a warm fleece blanket and down comforter in my bed with my thermal underwear and drinking tea during the winter is my favorite way to stay warm. These examples can help you stay toasty and comfortable during the cold months.

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