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Why Base Layer Clothing?

Why Base Layer Clothing?

The Importance of Base Layer Clothing: Why You Need to Buy a Base Layer for Winter

Having a suitable base layer this winter is an essential part of your health and fun. A base layer is crucial to any winter and will keep frostbite and hypothermia at bay. A base layer will help add extra protection against the temperatures. They'll also ward off the chill by retaining your body heat when you need it.

How to Choose the Right Base Layer

To achieve the most effective protection against the cold, you need to buy a suitable base layer for your lifestyle. The type of base layer you wear will dictate the type of clothing you should buy.

A T-shirt top, as you wear it in the summer, may not be suitable for winters. On the other hand, a long-sleeved base layer shirt will give the body enough warmth while providing an adequate layer of protection against the cold. A heavy material like a wool sweater will trap more body heat which will reduce your metabolism and help you reach that ideal state. A base layer with good ventilation and moisture-wicking material can help remove toxins from the body for those who suffer from infections.

Why You Need to Buy a Base Layer

Not many people give a second thought to the level of protection a base layer provides. This is because it's overlooked. Nobody thinks about an item they wear underneath their clothing, like a pair of jeans or a cardigan. But these items are essential if you want to stay warm. They provide added insulation to your outfit, helping you keep your body temperature regulated at all times. They also act as a barrier against moisture, preventing condensation from collecting and making your clothes damp. This will keep you warm and dry.

The other important thing about wearing a base layer this winter is that you'll avoid sweating, and that's also when you'll tend to feel uncomfortably cold.

What are the Different Types of Layers?

Gortex – A thick shell-like fabric with a waterproof or wicking material. There are a variety of thicknesses and weights available. Most commonly available in polyester.

Puffy Jacket – Another type of base layer, but it's an extensive cover-up and made of jacket material.

Rain Jacket – A waterproof jacket that has been treated and sprayed to ensure a water-resistant shell.

Mountain Hard Wear – With full-length inner moleskin boots and a waterproof shell.

Ski Bum Bumpers – A barrier fabric that uses a complex three-dimensional internal structure to connect the rain jacket and the outer shell.

Having a good base layer is essential this winter to prevent you from freezing or even suffering from frostbite or hypothermia.

There are various types of base layers, such as cotton, wool, and nylon. This base layer will help you stay warm and protect you from the cold. Winter is the ideal time for you to treat yourself to a new base layer. Be it for extra protection or to keep your skin cool. There are plenty of base layers out there to suit your needs.

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