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What You Need to Know About Compression Wear and Weight Loss

What You Need to Know About Compression Wear and Weight Loss

If you haven’t heard about how excellent compression garments are, then you’re missing out. These high-tech fitness clothes are worn by professional athletes and sports stars around the globe. Even those who wear women compression leggings for weight loss will swear by them. You may be wondering if they work in losing weight. While there are some great benefits to compression clothing, you do need to know what they can or can’t do before you start filling your dresser drawers with every style on the market. 

Most compression wear, like athletic compression shirts women look like every other workout clothing you see other gym-goers wearing. What makes this type of athletic clothing superior to the others is the fact that compression clothing is woven tighter to support and even restrict your muscles. If you think this doesn’t feel comfortable, you can rest assured they are. The restriction is added support so your muscles move properly through an exercise.

But will compression gear help with your weight loss? Yes. While most research focuses on the performance end of the clothing, there are some unique benefits for those newer to a training program and those who are overweight. Carrying a heavier weight or being a beginner in the fitness world can make you more receptive to injuries like strains, sprains, joint damage, and even shin splints. Compression clothing will compress your muscles against your frame to prevent injuries. 

They limit the movement to prevent a lot of wear and tear on the body. Assuming that your exercise program involves a higher volume or intensity of cardio, compression clothing can aid in reducing muscle damage and help your recovery by improving your circulation. While compression gear doesn’t directly affect weight loss, the benefits it gives you will enhance your performance and recovery so your workout harder and longer which affects your weight loss indirectly. 

Many that are new to compression wear will start with athletic compression shirts women to reduce the amount of excess movement. While this is great for everyone, adding in a pair of women compression leggings will increase your circulation for faster recovery and offer a full body stabilization. Compression gear does fit tight, but they are still quite comfortable. They’ll support you longer during and after your workouts. You can find compression garments as shorts and even short sleeve shirts as well to fit your style and comfort.

No matter what type of compression clothing you decide to buy and wear, they’re no magic spell for your weight loss goals. They’ll aid in your workouts, but they won’t burn calories and won’t boost your metabolism. You will see a better performance which will help you get to your goals faster and with less worry on recovery time or injuries. 

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