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Winter Clothing Hacks to Keep Your Children Warm

Winter Clothing Hacks to Keep Your Children Warm

A lot of people enjoy the winter. Even if you aren't one of them, you know that coming home to a warm house with good food is a pleasurable experience. If you have kids, then most kids love the snow and seem impervious to the cold, at least for a short time. While you want to do right by your children, you still want to keep them safe. The right gear is essential!

Hacks for Winter Warmth

1. Layering with girls thermal leggings or girls long underwear is pretty much the basics of winter fun and survival. The suitable layers will keep them warm and dry without overheating. Your kids will also be able to move freely with the stretchable fabric of the thermals. They fit snug and retain your kid's body heat for a more comfortable experience. Plus, they wick away moisture for added protection against frostbite and hypothermia.

2. Jeans should be avoided, especially if they get wet. If your kids insist on wearing their new jeans to school or outside, having girls thermal leggings will help keep their legs warm. It's best to choose snow pants or other appropriate winter gear.

3. Flannel is no longer the token of the early 90's grunge era of rock but a necessity of warmth and comfort in today's modern world. Fleece is also a fantastic choice. If your kid looks like a mini lumberjacket or like they've stepped out of the holiday catalog, then so be it. These make for added insulation and make great second layers over your kid's girls long underwear. 

4. Waterproof clothing is essential to ward off hypothermia and keep the warmth in. Wind resistance is also good if you live in windy areas. Whether you're taking your kids skiing or sledding, waterproof outerwear will help your kids stay dry.

5. Keeping your kid's feet warm is a must against frostbite. Wool socks will work for added warmth and insulation with snow boots over them for traction and waterproofing. At the same time, they play in the snow; your kid's feet must stay warm. Good boots will help reduce accidents like slipping or falling. Taller boots are best, so snow and rain don't get inside them.

6. Covering their heads is crucial as your kids can lose a good bit of their body heat this way. A knit cap is helpful, but you can layer your head like the rest of your body. It's essential to keep the neck and head covered using a ski mask, balaclava, or nose warmers. 

Winter is a wonderland of fun and excitement. Staying warm is imperative, and these hacks will help you keep your kid warm and have the time of their life while outside. Remember, bring them in for breaks, and hot cocoa and good food will also help keep their energy levels up!

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