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Why am I Cold and Tired All the Time?

Why am I Cold and Tired All the Time?

If you're always dealing with some form of cold intolerance, it can prove challenging to stay warm. While thermal underwear is a great alternative to keep warm, there may be some underlying issues, especially if you're cold and tired all the time. You may be one of those people who feel colder than others. Everyone deals with the cold differently, but it can point to a medical condition. There are many reasons you may feel cold all the time. Until you find out why, be sure to put on a women's thermal long sleeve shirt to help keep you comfortable. Thermal leggings are also beneficial in case your coldness is felt on your legs.

Cause of Cold Intolerance

Being cold all the time can make for an uncomfortable day or evening. Extra blankets and layering are great but not always feasible. Some underlying medical conditions may cause you to be cold all the time. It's best to see a trusted physician to get to the bottom of your issues.

• Hypothyroidism: Common symptoms are cold intolerance and fatigue since your thyroid isn't producing enough hormones.

• Raynaud's Disease: This mainly affects your arteries in your fingers and toes. This is a reduction in blood flow. Cold can usually trigger this disease.

• Anemia: This is a lack of red blood cells moving through your body due to a lack of oxygen, which causes the coldness you feel. Fatigue is also a symptom of anemia. Since there are different types, your doctor will help you narrow down which one and how to treat it.

There are other reasons you may feel cold so it's best to talk with your doctor to rule out any medical conditions you may have. On the other hand, you may have a clean bill of health but happen to be one of the many people who aren't made for colder temperatures.

According to research, women do feel colder than men. This is because many women have a lower resting metabolic rate. You use less energy when you're resting. A higher metabolic rate will keep you warmer. Having a lower rate may be what's keeping you cold all the time.

Feeling cold all the time isn't always an indication that you'll have a medical problem. If this is your normal state of being, then dressing in layers with some thermal underwear may help. While a women's thermal long sleeve shirt will help keep you warm, drinking warm liquids and staying hydrated will help alleviate some of your intolerance to the cold. Sometimes avoiding the cold outside and staying active while indoors may help you stay comfortable. If you're relaxing, grab a blanket for added warmth, and when it comes to sleeping, your thermals will double as pajamas, which can be the best thing to happen to your nighttime.

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