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Which Fabric is Best for Girl's Thermal Underwear?

Which Fabric is Best for Girl's Thermal Underwear?

Even with warm days approaching, you know that winter is coming up right after. With winter comes lower temperatures, snow, blizzards, and other problems that can make you and your kid's day potentially dull. Even with snow, kids still want to play outside. Snowball fights and sledding is the epitome of fun, and everyone loves hot chocolate to finish off the day they just had. Dressing your kids in kid’s long underwear is an excellent choice to keep them warm and having fun in the colder seasons.

While girls’ thermal underwear is a great choice, there is a lot to choose from the material, style, and fit. The choice of fabrics is limited as you have wool, silk, and synthetic materials like polyester/spandex blends. While all three are fantastic, silk is the costliest, and with growing kids, they may not be on your radar. However, wool and synthetics are affordable. Knowing the benefits of each will help you decide which kid’s long underwear set is best for your kid. 


Girls' thermal underwear has come a long way. When it comes to thermals, polyester makes the most affordable choice for thermal wear. This is especially true if you need a few pairs for kids that won't stop growing. Like most polyester thermals, these are moisture-wicking as they'll pull the sweat from your kid's body and release it to evaporate through the breathable fabric. This means a fast game of snowball fights won't have your kid's thermals absorbing the sweat.

They also fit snug, which helps in body heat retention. Synthetic thermals will give you more options than wool, especially if you need thermals for your kid's sports game or other winter activities. They're also thin, which is ideal so your child can wear them under their clothes. However, find polyester thermals that have been treated to resist odor-causing bacteria. Some don't, and no one wants a smelly kid.


If you desire a natural fiber, wool is the go-to of thermals. It's naturally good for maintaining your kid's body temperature and resisting odors. The fibers trap the body heat and breathe when your kids get too hot to keep comfortable longer. They are also moisture-wicking but don't have the same wicking properties as synthetics. They can also be worn for days without accumulating too much odor, which can be great for laundry day. However, wool is more expensive and takes special precautions to keep them clean. If your kid has sensitive skin, the wool may cause them to itch.

Both wool and synthetic thermals will serve your child well over the colder seasons. If you have a thin pocketbook or have more than one growing child, then synthetic thermals like polyester/spandex blends will be the perfect cost. Polyester thermals are also more durable in the long run and easier to clean.

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