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Why is My Skin Always Cold?

Why is My Skin Always Cold?

If you feel warm on the inside, yet your skin is cold to the touch, you may not be able to regulate your body temperature very well. You could be cold sensitive as well. No matter which one it is, you should consult with the proper medical attention. A healthier you will also be a warmer you.

There are environmental causes that could be the underlying issue. Some of these are cold weather, inappropriate clothing, or living conditions. Weather conditions can have a significant effect on your body temperature. Wearing women's thermals or women's long johns can help you stay warm as they'll help regulate your body temperature. Not everyone is equally cold tolerant. Some handle it better than others. If your skin is always cold, you may need an extra layer.

Another thing to consider is that your clothing choices may not work for colder temperatures. Layering helps you stay warm as you can remove and add a layer to keep your comfort level up. Layering isn't just for outside, and having a base layer on at all times can make a day of being cold into one that makes it go better.

There are medical issues that could cause your skin to be cold. If you feel that's a possibility, then seeing a physician will help you narrow down any problems and get the treatment needed. Whether it's medical or not, there are some tips to take to stay warm and protect yourself until you find out the underlying issue.

Tips to Keep Your Cold Skin Warm

• Wear a hat or extra clothing like women's thermals. These will help you keep your body heat from escaping. If your hands get cold as well, a light pair of mittens or gloves.

• Overexertion can cause you to get cold due to sweating and not removing your sweaty clothes. Wet clothing and colder temperatures are a dangerous combination.

• Layering is a popular way to stay warm. A lightweight base layer of women's long johns made from a polyester/spandex blend of fabric will work great. They'll hold your body heat in better. Plus, you can wear them indoors every day.

• Make sure your clothing is dry before putting them on or removing wet clothing.

• Drink warm liquids. These may help warm you up a little and is a great way to get your daily liquid intake in as well.

While you shouldn't self-diagnose cold-related symptoms, you can use these tips to stay warm. Finding a physician or making an appointment with yours will help find any underlying issues that may be causing your discomfort. Don't forget to eat well, so your body stays energized. Also, please don't shy away from thermals as they're built for the cold and have proven themselves as working well in keeping you warm. They'll keep you comfortable and will distribute your body heat evenly, so you feel cozier. You can wear them on their own or under your regular clothes.

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