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Why Your Kid May Not Need that Big Puffy Coat

Why Your Kid May Not Need that Big Puffy Coat

When the cold weather makes its approach, many parents go straight to that big puffy coat that seems like it’s impossible to move in. No matter the protests, kids will answer with, “Do I have to wear it?” Let’s face it, the answer is usually, “yes, because I said so.” 

Before you break out that heavy parka built to withstand an arctic blizzard, check to make sure you aren’t over-bundling your children. Kids can run hotter than most adults due to their metabolic rates being higher. This also includes activity levels. Because of this, they will generate more body heat than you will. 

Keep in mind that due to their overall mass, they will lose body heat faster. To help alleviate this, a pair of thermal sets for girls will be perfect for retaining all this body heat. These are especially useful as a kid’s system is less developed for regulating their body temperature. Many don’t have much in the way of insulation so some thermals for girls can add to their warmth and comfort.

Children burn through calories faster than you. This makes them more sensitive to extreme changes in temperature. Because of this, they need to replace this consumed energy with food and drinking.

If your kid is active in sports or just loves to play, they’ll sweat. Any moisture in cold temperatures is bad news. Fitting your child with some thermals for girls will alleviate this as the thermals are moisture-wicking. This means the sweat is pulled from the skin and released through the breathable fabric to keep them dry. Stick to wool or synthetic thermal set for girls as cotton will absorb moisture and can cause hypothermia.

When it comes to jackets, down is the best at insulating and is lightweight. It is also compressible, which gives your child more freedom of movement. Though it may insulate well, it loses this ability when wet and the price is usually high. Synthetic materials like a poly-fill are best and still work when wet. You can even get a poly-filled jacket that is water-resistant for added protection. It’s well worth the cost. 

Overall, when it comes to jackets, the best design has the insulation between a waterproof and windproof shell with an internal liner. Though thermals are great to wear as a base layer, your child needs more to keep them warm. In cold or more extreme weather, the proper jacket is necessary. 

A good jacket will allow freedom of movement. Your kids are active, and restricting their movements can be an exercise in futility if they don’t want to wear the jacket. While you may not need the sizable puffy coat, you will still need a proper jacket that is designed specifically for cold and extreme weather. Many of these are lighter than the traditional parkas and work better at keeping your kids warm, comfortable, and most all, free to play.

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