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The Difference Between Compression Pants and Leggings

The Difference Between Compression Pants and Leggings

You may find yourself wondering what the difference is between compression pants and leggings. Don’t worry as you aren’t alone on this. For some, the words are pretty interchangeable but on a technical level, they are different. Here are some basics to look at that will clear this up for you.

Basics and Compression

The differences aren’t many, which is what may cause the majority of confusion. While they all seem the same, the main difference is the weight of the material used. What does weight have to do with it? Well, non-compression tights, pants, and even leggings are made from a more sheer material similar to pantyhose. They also have a heavier weight and are worn as a fashionable alternative to jeans or pants. 

Women's compression pants or women's compression leggings are usually made of a polyester and spandex blend. Compression pants are typically worn for medical or athletic reasons like performance enhancement for athletes. Regular leggings are often for fashion statements, but as the trend for fashionable gym wear increases, many will find that compression leggings are just as trendy.

For medical uses, many wear compression leggings to prevent varicose veins or other vein diseases and prevent them from progressing further. But for athletes, compression gear enhances performances for both pro and amateur athletes.

Some Advantages of Their Use

  • Improved circulation which means better blood flow to muscles.
  • They will reduce soreness after an exercise.
  • Flushes your body of waste products like lactic acid and carbon dioxide.
  • Reduces recovery time from strains and injuries.
  • Regulates your body temperature.
  • They also provide a physiological advantage. This means you look and feel better, which boosts your confidence and motivation to keep going in your workout.
  • Aids in proper and efficient muscle movement.
  • Wicks away moisture to keep you dry. Sweat will evaporate faster, which increases comfort.

Women's compression pants or women's compression leggings can offer the right amount of a boost of confidence and performance when worn during many sports or recreational events. They are designed to look great and can take the place of your regular leggings as a fashion statement to rock your style. 

Though the difference between regular leggings and women's compression leggings aren’t many, knowing which type of clothing fits best for your style of athleticism or daily life will definitely make a difference. Finding the right type of compression clothing for your workouts will help you improve your fitness level. As you power through a workout, you’ll feel better as more oxygen is supplied to your body giving you the extra boost needed for a run or resistance training. 

The following days after a workout won’t feel as bad as the compression gear will reduce your overall soreness by decreasing lactic acid and speeding up your recovery. Knowing which leggings to wear for the gym will help you work out smarter and harder with benefits that you’ll feel and see right away. They’ll keep you comfortable and keep you looking great.

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