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Winter Warmth and Safety: A Guide to Dressing Kids for Cold Weather Adventures

Winter Warmth and Safety: A Guide to Dressing Kids for Cold Weather Adventures

Whether you live in a colder climate or you feel winter’s icy touch approaching, keeping your kids safe and warm is always the top of anyone’s list. The winter can bring ice, wind, snow, or freezing rain, which can irritate your children. While the weather can be harsh, it can also be a season of adventure and fun for both you and your kids. Preparing for the season can make the cold easier to handle and a lot more exciting.

What Your Kids Should Wear

Dressing your kids in layers will keep them warm, comfortable, and dry while they’re outside. Be sure to check the windchill along with the temperature before sending your girl outside to play. 

• Layer One or the Base Layer: Thermals for girls, sock liners, wool socks, and glove liners. The liners will help the girls long johns by retaining heat and wicking away sweat. The cold is one thing, but wet and cold is another. Staying dry is important.

• Layer Two or Second Layer: This middle layer can be regular clothes like a sweater, vest, sweatpants, or ski pants. A light fleece jacket or hoodie will also work if you need two middle layers. They also act as insulation by providing extra warmth.

• Layer Three or Third Layer: The outer layer is just as important as the inner layer. Choose a wind and waterproof jacket, hat, mittens, along with waterproof boots that have a gripping surface. Scarves, while fashionable, can get snagged on something and possible cause a choking hazard. Instead, use a neck gaiter.

Protecting Your Child’s Skin

The cold season can be rough on your kid’s skin. The cold and dry air can suck moisture from your kid’s face and leave them looking wind-burned. 

• Sunscreen is just as important in the winter as the summer. Sunlight can reflect off the snow, so find a sunscreen that will also moisturize the skin. 

• Invest in a humidifier. While you won’t be using this outside, this can help minimize the drying effects of the winter while indoors. 

• Keep an eye on their clothing choices. Thermals for girls are a great base layer, but too many other layers over this can make your kid hot. This can lead to skin irritation and too much sweating, while not enough layers over the girls long johns can make your kid too cold or expose their skin to the harsher temperatures.

Dress your kid for the occasion. If they get too hot, then they can remove one or add on if they get cold. Outdoor activities like sledding involve a lot of snow and ice, so a waterproof outer layer is essential to keep melted water from getting to their skin. Winter can be a fun and exciting time for you and your children and a little preparation will keep them safe, warm, and dry.

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