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Can You Wear Two Base Layers?

Can You Wear Two Base Layers?

At first glance, you may think this is an odd question. After all, if you know anything about layers, a second women’s thermal set seems to be a bit overboard and even defeats the purpose of layering. You have your base layer, middle layer, and finally, the outer layer. Seems relatively stand as layers go, but you might find it interesting to know that the idea of wearing two base layers isn’t as crazy as it seems.

Exercising in the Winter

When it comes to aerobic exercise, running outside has its advantages. Even in the winter, a jog in the morning is a great workout and an excellent way to wake up. Unfortunately, wearing an abundance of layers isn’t always ideal. You’re going to sweat a lot, and the extra layers of clothing may hinder your full range of movement. Two base layers of thermal pants for women will allow you that full range of motion and double up on the warmth. As you warm-up, you can remove one layer and then add it back as you cool down.

Base Layer for All Seasons

Even a two base layer system is suitable for a cold spring or summer morning. It will manage your perspiration and help you with warming up. Outside of this need, layering really isn’t necessary for the warmer season. For fall and winter, it’s a necessity. This weather will see the temperature dropping, and sometimes carrying a heavier middle layer makes for some unnecessary extra weight. 

Extreme Cold and Two Base Layers

Whether you’re exploring the Antarctic or the Himalayas, mountaineers or explorers like yourself can wear an extra women's thermal set for added protection. This increases the chances of your layering system, keeping you warm without weighing you down. The reasoning behind wearing two base layers is that you’ll trap more air in the thinner base layers then have to weigh yourself down with bulky layers for insulation. You’ll still need your additional layers, but they won’t have to be too cumbersome to keep you warm. Trapping this air is essential in the base layers. This warm air will be the ultimate insulator. The fabric only keeps it from escaping. Some will even wear a third layer. 

Can You Wear Two Base Layers?

The answer is yes. Depending on your activity level and the weather conditions, the second layer of thermal pants for women is possible and not unheard of. While it may seem unheard of, wearing that second base layer may be suitable and even desirable in certain situations. It will make for a lightweight alternative to the bulky outer layers that can restrict your movements. This type of layer offers more flexibility in your layering system. In the end, the question isn’t if you can wear an extra layer of thermals, but whether or not you’ve tried it?

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