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Winter with Your Best Friend

Winter with Your Best Friend

Late fall and winter are right around the corner if they aren't already here. The days have gotten shorter, and the temperature has plummeted. Soon, holiday music will be blaring on the radio, and Christmas lights will be put up. During this time, warding off the winter chill can be easy if you dress appropriately. Having a few sets of long johns for women will make the colder months more bearable. To make it easy, women’s thermal leggings are still in fashion, so you can stay warm and stylish while you're out walking your dog.

Layer Up!

If you have an active dog, a short walk around the block probably won't cut it. If the walks are longer, then it's time to layer up. A base layer like long johns for women will fit snug to keep your body heat in and keep you dry. The second layer of fleece or flannel will help insulate you further. Don't forget your outer layer, as this should be water and wind-resistant to help keep any moisture from getting inside. Though it might seem weird, equip your dog with a sweater or jacket of their own. This will be extremely helpful if you have a small dog, one with low body fat, short hair, or if your dog is still growing or elderly. This will protect them from frostbite and hypothermia due to the snow.

Hat, Gloves, and Other Protection

For gloves, try some high-dexterity gloves. Preferably one's lined with fleece for extra warmth. Remember, you'll be holding a leash, but you also don't want frostbite either. These types of gloves are fantastic for brushing snow off your dog and keeping a good grip on the leash. Don't forget booties for your dog if they'll tolerate them. If not, there are creams available that you rub on your dog's paws for added protection. Hand warming packs are great for added protection. You can use these for your feet, so don't be afraid to keep both toasty as you walk around in the snow. Waterproof boots are beneficial if you are in an area that sees a lot of snow. Your dog may not have a problem stomping through puddles of icy water, but your feet will quickly remind you that it's not a good idea. Waterproof boots will protect you on the walk with your best friend.

As winter sets in, it doesn't mean you and your dogs are stuck inside. Dressing appropriately for a walk in women's thermal leggings will help keep you warm as you walk around the neighborhood or play catch at the park. Winter and the snow can be an exciting time for your dog, and you can guarantee that your dog will want to share their excitement with you. Get those thermals on and grab the leash and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

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