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Do You Wear Anything Under Compression Shorts?

Do You Wear Anything Under Compression Shorts?

For anyone new to compression gear or those who practically live in this style of athletic wear, the answer is, in short, no. Many athletes, both professional and amateur, have wondered if wearing underwear under their yoga shorts or women’s compression shorts is correct. While many may feel uncomfortable going commando in the athletic arena doing this, being free of underwear makes compression gear work better.

Why no Underwear?

With compression sleeves or even socks, there's no need to wear anything under them. This same concept also applies to women's compression shorts. The reason is that compression gear or yoga shorts are often made of a poly/spandex blend that is elastic. This fabric is made specifically to do two things:

• Hold your muscles into place by compressing them, hence the name compression gear.

• They will also keep you dry during your workouts by wicking away sweat from your skin. This helps cool your body and regulates your overall body temperature.

What if You Do Wear Underwear?

It's best to stop wearing any. You will sweat a lot during your workout. Your underwear will absorb any sweat and moisture from your skin. This will cause your women's compression shorts to get damp and interfere with the fabric's breathability. It will also make you uncomfortable. That added layer of undies will bunch under your compression shorts. 

Benefits of Women's Compression Shorts

If the idea of not wearing underwear makes you uncomfortable, check out these benefits that may change your mind. 

• You'll see improved circulation. Blood circulation is essential during a workout as oxygen is moved throughout your muscles by your circulatory system. The compression effect helps increase this muscular oxygenation and reduces your chances of getting stiff during any of your intense workouts.

• The compression effect is a real thing. Compression shorts or yoga shorts will support all your larger muscles. They do this by compressing those muscles without restricting movement. This works by aligning your muscles up where they are supposed to be to help your performance.

• They will reduce soreness after your workout. No one likes being sore after a workout. While it may be part of the game, it doesn't mean you can't find a way to reduce this soreness. Because of all the previous features of compression shorts, they work together to reduce that after-workout soreness that usually comes after. You'll also feel less fatigued and see a faster post-workout recovery.

• Chafing won't be much of a problem. Chafing, especially in the groin region, is a common problem for athletes. Compression shorts for women reduce these risks significantly.

• Your body temperature will be regulated better. You won't feel as sweaty as you usually would due to the wicking abilities of the compression gear. This will help you stay cool without you overheating.

While there are other benefits to wearing women's compression shorts or yoga shorts, wearing anything under them will reduce the effects of the shorts. Allow compression shorts to connect with your skin. This will help you reap the full benefits of the compression gear.

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