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Girl Scouts and Cookie Time

Girl Scouts and Cookie Time

It’s that time of year again. That special time when the Girl Scouts set up tables outside a supermarket or retailer and pile boxes of cookie goodness upon them to sell to unwary customers. While many have already started their New Year Resolutions, it’s hard to resist the siren call of thin mints, samoas, and other cookies that the freezing girl scout at the table is selling.

The selling of cookies has been a mainstay of the girl scouts since 1917 as a way to finance troop activities. Since girl scouts do a lot for the community like bake goods for the troops, empower girls, entrepreneurship, along with community services, learning first aid and other valuable skills. The organization has remained strong for over a century, even if the only thing many people know about them is the yearly cookie drive.

Due to the weather, it can get pretty chilly during this part of the season, and selling boxes of cookies from a table outside a store can be uncomfortable. Preparing your little girl scout for the day of cookie sales is relatively easy if you dress them correctly. In fact, by doing so, not only will your kids be comfortable, but they’ll remain warm and cozy and energetic enough to push their product for those of us who are more than willing to drop some money for a box of cookies.

Girls thermals make for a base layer that will retain and help your kid regulate body heat. It will also wick away moisture to prevent the chill from becoming a problem. If you purchase a synthetic or wool fabric for the thermals, a thermal set for girls will be off full mobility as the fabric will stretch and move with them. 

If it's not too cold, the second layer of t-shirt and jeans may work perfectly. If it’s cold, a middle layer of fleece or wool will help insulate and retain extra warmth allowing the girls' thermals to do their job. A hoodie would work great as part of the middle layer and add in some extra comfort.

If there is a chance of snow for your kid’s sales day, their outer layer should be a waterproof and windproof jacket. This will help keep your kid from getting wet. When it's cold out, staying dry is imperative. Not only for comfort but also to stay healthy. Plus, a comfortable girl scout means more significant sales.

Thermals sets for girls will be particularly useful for selling girl scout cookies at a table in colder seasons and colder climates. While you’re out and about shopping, whether for groceries or other things, stop at the girl scouts table and buy a box or two of cookies. While the cost may seem high for cookies, these aren’t your generic treats but the kind that allows the girl scout selling them to become empowered and grow into a future leader. Treat yourself. After a long day, a few thin mints are an excellent way to finish off the day.

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