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How To Make Your Thermals Last Longer

How To Make Your Thermals Last Longer

Almost everyone who owns thermals does so to combat the colder climate (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for?) that spans over a good half of the year here in New York. It is simply a need to stay warm and protected while we go about our chilly day. While it is important to purchase new thermals before the old ones go bad, you can also, just as easily, make them last longer via some prudent care. It seems like a profitable prospect, doesn’t it? Check out these amazing tips that will help you in keeping your thermals as protected as they keep you.

Washing Etiquettes While it is advisable to hand-wash them, machine wash works just as well. Just remember to use warm water and mild detergent. Woolen thermals that are usually thicker require a longer rinse cycle and a shorter spin cycle in a machine wash. Compared to them, blended thermals or purely cotton thermals need less care.

Drying If you are machine-washing them, the drying is essentially taken care of by the machine itself. The clothes come out half dry in most washing machines these days. But if you are hand-washing your thermals, take care to not tumble dry them. Instead, opt for line drying (hang to dry) for better results.

Wearing Again It is true that the less washing cycles you put them through, the longer your thermals last. But how do you do that exactly? First of all, little mishaps like spots from food or dirt can be cleaned right away with water and a little detergent without involving the washing machine. As for regular washing, you can reduce it by resorting to air drying your thermals every now and then. If your thermal is antibacterial, this shouldn’t be a problem. The broad outline here is – don’t wash them unless you absolutely have to.

Keep Bugs At Bay Whether washed or unwashed – don’t leave your long johns lying around in the open for too long. Dirty clothes should be washed as soon anyway. As for storing the washed and dried ones – store them in sealed and dry bags to keep them safe. Hang them in direct sunlight (even the dry ones) every once in a while to prevent bacteria formation.

For The Traveling Girls If you are traveling during the winter, be sure to pack a good stock of thermals to ensure constant protection against the weather. Easily folded and packed with your clothes, you can wear them without worrying about washing during your travels. Just make sure to air dry them after every use. Layering is the simplest way to protect oneself from the cold winters. Thermals are a boon in the cold weather, but protecting them is equally important. Not only does it make them last longer in terms of softness and wearability, but it also keeps their warmth intact.

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