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Power Through your Outdoor Cardio with the Right Thermals

Power Through your Outdoor Cardio with the Right Thermals

That New Years Resolution has been made, and no amount of snow, wind, or rain is going to stop you from making it happen. You got the new gym membership and the perfect eating plan, but you find yourself staring out your living room window dreading that first run of the year, outdoors. 

You can only stretch so much before you have to put on those new running shoes and dash out the door. Let’s face it; any outdoor activity in the colder months is far from pleasant. Most of this is because no one knows how to dress appropriately for it. Especially for any athletic activity. Having the right women’s thermals will help you not only power through the cardio you promised yourself you would do, but they’ll keep you warm and comfortable while it happens.

Since your comfort level will depend on how fast you work at your cardio and your overall comfort level with the cold, and not to mention how long you are outside, your amount of layering may differ. Here are some tips to help you power through your cardio.

• A base layer of thermal leggings for women or a set of women’s thermals are the perfect start. Find some with merino wool or synthetic fabric with moisture-wicking capabilities. Since you’ll sweat, this base layer will pull the moisture away keeping you hot. Cotton will do the opposite, so avoid that.

• Depending on the temperature or your ability to withstand the chill, a light or midweight base layer is best. Keep in mind, though you may start the run or power walk a little cold, you’ll warm up quickly. Stick with a long-sleeved thermal top to keep your whole arm protected from the elements. 

• Running tights or thermal leggings for women under shorts may be all that’s needed on your run as far as layers are required. Also consider adding some moisture-wicking socks or ski socks to keep your feet and calves warm. Frostbite is a real thing so keep yourself protected.

• Running gloves with liner are perfect for protecting your hands along with a long-sleeve shirt over your thermal for a mid-layer. A lightweight hat will be best as you want your head to stay warm, but not to get too sweaty. Moisture on your body in the cold is a bad thing.

• On colder days, you can sport a fleece jacket and neck warmers. Don’t forget sunscreen and lip balm along with sunglasses. The sun still shines in the winter, and when it bounces off the snow, it can be blinding. 

• Water-resistant running shoes can make a cold and rainy run more bearable as your feet will stay dry longer.

Powering through your cardio in the outdoors is a snap when you wear women’s thermals. On those warmer days in winter, using thermal leggings for women and the proper/correct layering will help keep you warm and comfortable on your athletic journey.

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