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Preparing For The Midwestern Cold: Get Your Thermal Wear Right

Preparing For The Midwestern Cold: Get Your Thermal Wear Right

It was reported a couple of years ago that the temperatures in some parts of the Midwest were so low, that they were almost as cold as the surface of Mars. 

During the Manifest Destiny, it wasn’t just the ‘Injuns’ the American settlers had to fight, but also the impossibly brutal cold of the American Midwest. Some even got killed from hypothermia caused by the dangerous Midwest cold.

Thankfully, the 21st century offers you solutions that ensure you don’t suffer from hypothermia. Thermal base layers are a great way to protect yourself from the unforgiving cold. 

How Do Thermal Base Layers Work?

Thermal base layers are a set of inner clothing that you wear above your innerwear. Thermal base layers are necessary if you are living in areas that experience sub-zero temperatures. When you wear this clothing, it fits tightly to your body. Due to this characteristic, they prevent any cold from touching your body. The tight fit ensures that your body remains insulated and you do not lose any heat.

If you think you can do without thermal base layers, there are chances that cold may bypass this external layer of protection. Once breaching this barrier, it will come into direct contact with your body and you will be shivering in no time. Although the external winter wear is effective, it does not ensure one hundred percent protection from the cold. Especially in a region like the Midwest, you cannot just go outside wearing only the external thermal wear.

What Are Thermal Base Layers Made Of?

Thermal base layers are available in varieties when it comes to their composition. Most of the thermal base layers are a blend of wool and polyester. This makes them not only effective to keep cold temperatures away but also gives them a quality of being stretchable. Most of the thermal base layers available in the US are a blend of polyester and wool in varying degrees. On the other hand, thermal wear available in Europe can be one hundred percent wool. 

If you are more susceptible to catching a cold, preferably you should buy a completely woolen base thermal wear. There are ups and downs of wearing woolen wear. For example, you may feel uncomfortable wearing woolen thermal wear when you are indoor. You might start sweating. However, if you are going hiking in the wilderness of the Midwest, the cold can do you no harm. If you are content staying indoors or not going too far from the cities, you can do with the wool-polyester blend.

Thermal Base Layers Are For Everyone

Thermal base layers are available for all age groups. This includes toddlers as well as older children. They are also available for both sexes. If you have geriatric family members, make sure that they are wearing their thermal base wear, since the old are the most susceptible to hypothermia along with little kids.

What Can We Say In Conclusion?

If you are going to live in the Midwest, thermal base layers are an absolute necessity. You can consider them optional if you are living in the Eastern Seaboard or California, but in the Midwest, America’s “freezer”, you shouldn’t take any chances.

Base thermal layers can also come handy if you are traveling to other cold countries like our Northern neighbor Canada or Scandinavia, where cold rules for most of the year.  

Thermal base layers can save you from hypothermia even during times when winter temperatures plummet to unusual levels.

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