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What to Wear to Your Yoga Class: 7 Rules for Clothing

What to Wear to Your Yoga Class: 7 Rules for Clothing

Yoga, like all other physical activity, requires the right workout gear. This will make a world of difference in your performance and even how much your sweat while performing your moves. Whether you practice the sport at home, the gym, or even a private studio, wearing the proper yoga clothes like, women's compression pants will help you step up your game.

The Rules of the Yoga Game

From top to toes, here are some rules for yoga clothing. If you mess up, no one is going to send you to the corner to rethink your daily clothing choices, but it’ll help any issues and even give you the much-needed boost your confidence and performance.

#1. Comfort is critical. Loose clothing may be comfortable, but they result in falling over your head and exposing parts of your body. You may prefer keeping hidden. Let’s face it, Downward Dog or even a headstand may reveal too much in the wrong clothing. Find clothing that stays where it belongs, like a compression shirt. 

#2. The right bra will help you greatly. Even though yoga is low impact, all the stretching and extending of your upper body may have you regretting anything with a wire in it. Shoot for a sports bra that is moisture-wicking that way, and your ladies will stay covered and sweat-free.

#3. Breathe. This applies to your lungs and even your skin. Women’s compression tights leggings are made of a breathable fabric to allow your skin to breathe easily and stay fresh. Since yoga is an isometric sport, you will still exert some energy, wearing compression gear is best as they wick away sweat and won’t bunch up.

#4. The breathability factor applies to your whole body. Avoid cotton is that it will absorb moisture and perspiration and retain odors. Compression garments are made of a breathable fabric to eliminate sweat and odor.

#5. Yoga pants are a standard staple of yoga studios everywhere. Consider compression pants as a better alternative. They’ll help you with your body awareness and positions better. Plus, women’s compression pants won’t bulk or bunch up. A quarter form-fitting pants are a perfect option.

#6. If the studio or weather is a little chilly, feel free to layer up a little. Make the layers thin and easy to shed as yoga will heat you and will loosen your muscles.

#7. Shoes and socks are highly frowned upon. This is because they’ll interfere with your grip on the mat, along with your flexibility. If your lower legs get cold, invest in women's compression tights legging that fit your whole legs. They leave you free to move barefoot as needed and offer full flexibility. 

While these rules are set in stone, and you probably won’t get banned from a studio, they will help make your time in the studio more comfortable. They’ll also improve your performance and speed up your recovery time with less soreness and need to take extra time off. 

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